Definition of shin in English:


Syllabification: shin
Pronunciation: /SHin


1The front of the leg below the knee.
More example sentences
  • Children commonly fall and scrape or bruise the skin covering anterior parts of the body such as the shins, knees, hands, elbows, nose, periorbital area and forehead.
  • Work on flexibility everyday, particularly around your hips, thighs, knees, shins and especially your feet.
  • There are pieces of armor around her wrists, elbows, knees, thighs and shins.
1.1A cut of beef from the lower part of a cow’s leg.
More example sentences
  • For my main course, I had the fillet of Aberdeen beef, with braised shin and green vegetables, served on a bed of creamed celeriac and Madeira sauce.
  • Brian sauntered past his meat cases, into a back room where an employee hacked away at shins of beef, and through the door of his meat refrigerator.
  • For beef, good casserole cuts are shin, brisket, neck, topside, thick flank or shoulder.

verb (shins, shinning, shinned)

[no object] (shin up/down) Back to top  
Climb quickly up or down by gripping with one’s arms and legs: he shinned up a tree
More example sentences
  • Others climbed trees and shinned up sections of the Minster.
  • He used to frighten us all by shinning up lamp posts, or climbing up into the loft or on to our porch.
  • I climbed out of the window, shinned down the drain pipe, crossed the back lawn and hopped over the wall.
climb (up), clamber up, scramble up, go up;
mount, ascend, scale
climb down, scramble down, come down (from);
dismount, descend


Old English scinu, probably from a Germanic base meaning 'narrow or thin piece'; related to German Schiene 'thin plate' and Dutch scheen. The verb was originally in nautical use (early 19th century).

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