Definition of show up in English:

show up

1Be conspicuous or clearly visible.
More example sentences
  • The mounds at Heath Wood were highly visible, showing up black against the surrounding red-coloured soils.
  • He figured the sadness from his own heart would be showing up clearly in his own face.
  • Next to lakes and rivers, railways also showed up clearly; so did large roads.
be visible, be obvious, be seen, be revealed
2 informal Arrive or turn up for an appointment or gathering.
More example sentences
  • Sometimes you show up for an appointment and they've forgotten, or don't have the time.
  • He waits in a Montreal bar for a meeting with a Russian cosmonaut and painter, who never shows up.
  • She hits on a solution when Jane shows up at work distraught, followed soon by a concerned Vin.
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