There are 2 definitions of sin in English:


Syllabification: sin


verb (sins, sinning, sinned)

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  • 1Commit a sin: I sinned and brought shame down on us
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    • Adam sinned and brought death, disease and bloodshed into the world.
    • Because we sinned and thus committed high treason against the God of creation, we don't even deserve to exist!
    • If a person sees another Jew sinning or following the wrong path, he is required to correct him and attempt to set him right.
    commit a sin, commit an offense, transgress, do wrong, commit a crime, break the law, misbehave, go astray
    archaic trespass
  • 1.1 (sin against) Offend against (God, a person, or a principle): I had sinned against my master
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    • To sin against the Holy Spirit is to sin against hope.
    • I hereby forgive everyone who offended or angered me, or sinned against me.
    • To live in this world was to live in the expectation of sinning and being sinned against.


(as) —— as sin

informal Having a particular undesirable quality to a high degree: as ugly as sin
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  • As Marshall commonsensically observes, this whole trial balloon is beside the point, since everything points to the perp or perps being ‘guilty as sin.’
  • They look miserable as sin, but they are all wearing raincoats, and seem to be rather warmer than you.
  • And if you are ugly as sin and suddenly find yourself being chatted up by a pretty female or a handsome male, who wants specific information from you, consider seriously why you are suddenly the centre of attention.

live in sin

informal dated Live together as though married.
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  • Back when my wife and I were college room-mates living in sin, we had a cockatiel that really, really liked her.
  • It was perhaps more of a stigma for the children that mother was living in sin than it was for the parents.
  • A great idea for anyone who, like me, is getting married but has been living in sin for years and so has a bottom drawer full of towels, bedding, frying pans and cut glass.

sin of commission

A sinful action.
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  • As the parable implies, the fervently devout may have a harder time admitting their sins of commission and omission than the less observant.
  • War and rumors of war are matters of judgments of past failures by all, of sins of commission and omission, of what has been done and what has been left undone.
  • And should my sin of commission or omission create employment, I do not even need to be acquitted.

sin of omission

A sinful failure to perform an action.
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  • For secular Jews though, it is probably more meaningful to directly acknowledge political sins of omission and commission.
  • This part of the book, which overwhelms and depresses readers with the magnitude of ecclesiastical sins of omission and commission, is followed by a welcome section on rescuing and sheltering individuals and organizations.
  • After World War II, the German Protestant churches issued a statement of repentance for their sins of omission and commission during the Third Reich.


Old English synn (noun), syngian (verb); probably related to Latin sons, sont- 'guilty'.

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There are 2 definitions of sin in English:


Syllabification: sin
Pronunciation: /sīn


  • Sine.

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