Definition of single-handed in English:


Syllabification: sin·gle-hand·ed
Pronunciation: /ˌsiNGɡəlˈhandəd
(also singlehanded /ˌsiNGɡəlˈhandid/)

adverb& adjective

1Done without help from anyone else: [as adverb]: sailing single-handed around the world [as adjective]: a single-handed crusade
More example sentences
  • It was only when I was about 17 that I realised that all the books I had were about single-handed sailing.
  • And since the late 1990s, she seems to have been pursuing a single-handed crusade to save the diva from extinction.
  • They could not believe that any sane man would take on a multinational corporation almost single-handed, let alone succeed?
by oneself, alone, on one's own, solo, unaided, unassisted, without help
2Done or designed to be used with one hand: [as adverb]: the tool is easy to use single-handed [as adjective]: a single-handed ax
More example sentences
  • Carrying it across the room, he opened the window single-handed (easier said then done).
  • She still generates enormous force, but what is most attractive about her game is the subtly of stroke, particularly that classical single-handed backhand.
  • But he was offered a job back at his old firm and gradually learnt how to use adaptive technologies such as single-handed keyboards, tracking balls and IBM's voice-recognition software.



(or singlehandedly) adverb
More example sentences
  • So what Abbott did on the record, he could also do single-handedly in concert.
  • The security officer single-handedly breaks into the circus to save the hostages, one of whom is, of course, his daughter.
  • It was exactly right for the time and, almost single-handedly, it triggered a whole new generation of two-seaters.


(or singlehandedness) noun
More example sentences
  • Yet it's hard to think of anyone who has pursued power with such relentless single-handedness.
  • If arthritis, single-handedness or another physical condition makes it hard for you to hold a book, don't.
  • This is sufficient bias to provide proof of an extraterrestrial origin of the single-handedness of chemistry in nature.

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