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skinny Syllabification: skin·ny
Pronunciation: /ˈskinē/

Definition of skinny in English:

adjective (skinnier, skinniest)

1(Of a person or part of their body) very thin: his skinny arms
More example sentences
  • I was a skinny kid, not athletic or anything, but I wanted to go to the parties with the football players and stuff.
  • These are the concerns that skinny people never have to think about.
  • She sees skinny people on TV and in magazines and wants to look like them, but getting there is beyond her.
thin, scrawny, scraggy, bony, angular, rawboned, hollow-cheeked, gaunt, as thin as a rake, skin-and-bones, sticklike, emaciated, waiflike, skeletal, pinched, undernourished, underfed;
slim, lean, slender, rangy;
informal anorexic, (looking) like a bag of bones
dated spindle-shanked
2(Of an article of clothing) tight-fitting: a skinny black dress
More example sentences
  • Capes, big brass buttons, skinny knits belted over print dresses, together with marvellously subtle colour combinations made for one of the most beautiful collections in Milan.
  • You know, they have to go to the hairdresser, to the nail thing, to do makeup, and then they fit in their skinny dresses.
  • Wear this bra under strapless tops and skinny tanks.
2.1(Of a pair of pants, especially jeans) tight-fitting and with very narrow legs: in the winter I live in skinny jeans and boots I love jeans—either bootcut or skinny a pair of skinny cords
More example sentences
  • Check out his uptown vixen look of rhinestone-studded bra tops worn with skinny pants.
  • Every girl has a pair of skinny pants at home that she can't get into any more, right?
  • The silhouette continues to be long tops and skinny pants.
3 informal (Of coffee) made with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk: one skinny latte to go, please
More example sentences
  • Ultimately, Jessica's relationship dilemma feels about as agonising as choosing between a skinny decaf latte and a grande mochaccino.
  • Or just grab a skinny cappuccino or latte for a low-calorie warm drink.
  • Some of us even want a skinny mocha decaff latte with a twist.


(plural skinnies) informal Back to top  
1A skinny person.
Example sentences
  • I am all for bringing models back, so long as magazines go to the effort to feature images of healthy 'normal' types alongside the skinnies.
  • While still natural-born skinnies, they have the presence and fleshy strength of a mature woman.
  • People moan about the skinnies on TV.
2 (skinnies) A pair of skinny pants, especially jeans: if you’re tired of squeezing into your skinnies, bell-bottoms and flares are back in fashion
More example sentences
  • She does always look super-cute in her skinnies and shades.
  • If you do want to look slimmer, wear skinnies!
  • Skinnies are so squeezed in, so uncompromising.
3 (the skinny) US Confidential information on a particular person or topic: the inside skinny is that he didn’t know the deal was in the works
More example sentences
  • You must possess a wonderful memory, not only for statistics and the inside skinny, but also for anecdotes.
  • For those of you with regular jobs, here's the skinny.
  • Here is the skinny on the matter from the Guardian.
gossip, (inside) information, intelligence, news, inside story
informal lowdown, info, dope, dirt, scoop, poop



Pronunciation: /ˈskinēnəs/
Example sentences
  • Thin girls can be ugly; fat girls can be beautiful - but fat is not attractive in itself, any more than skinniness is.
  • I'm allergic to the fashionable notion that skinniness is next to godliness.
  • I don't think it did anything but emphasize my skinniness.

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