Definition of sky-high in English:


Syllabification: sky-high

adverb& adjective

1As if reaching the sky; very high: [as adverb]: they saved a president from being blown sky-high
More example sentences
  • Well placed to win three low-profile races in the north, Overstrand has had his confidence boosted sky-high.
  • Had the one-dayers been played all in a heap, the South Aricans may well have continued to call the shots, their confidence having been blown sky-high.
  • Clearly, they are a team whose confidence has been boosted sky-high as a result of several triumphs.
1.1At or to a very high level; very great: [as adjective]: sky-high premiums
More example sentences
  • I see that violent crime is out of control in our cities, snuffing out lives, mangling the limbs of the innocent, raising anxiety levels sky-high.
  • Expert view: His cholesterol levels must be sky-high.
  • Without Arnie, it is highly debatable if today's prize money would be halfway near its current sky-high levels.

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