There are 2 definitions of SOP in English:


Syllabification: SOP


  • Standard Operating Procedure.

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There are 2 definitions of SOP in English:


Syllabification: sop
Pronunciation: /säp


  • 1A thing given or done as a concession of no great value to appease someone whose main concerns or demands are not being met: my agent telephones as a sop but never finds me work
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    • Media pundits have suggested it was a sop to appease the right wing in the cabinet.
    • The great powers were focused on collective security; it was as a concession, a sop, that they consented to a peripheral project regarding human rights.
    • The main sop is a pledge to increase markets for US goods overseas by carrying out a more aggressive trade policy against Europe and Japan.
  • 2A piece of bread dipped in gravy, soup, or sauce.
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    • At this time sops - pieces of bread - were used to soak up liquid mixtures, and these were often first toasted, which reduced their tendency to disintegrate.
    • By chance I'd had them the day before as a satisfactory sop for a piece of grilled sea bass at Kensington Place in west London.
    • As such, soups or sops, as they were also known, became a dish with its own distinction, so did bisque.

verb (sops, sopping, sopped)

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  • 1 (sop something up) Soak up liquid using an absorbent substance: he used some bread to sop up the sauce
    More example sentences
    • We take bread and sop up the soup from the brown ceramic bowls.
    • All Polish donuts, though, are greasy because the dense dough sops up the fry oil, and they tend to have a leathery paper tear-texture to the skin.
    • The batter sops up more than two grams of saturated fat and three grams of trans fat in the deep-fat fryer.


Old English soppian 'dip (bread) in liquid', sopp (noun), probably from the base of Old English sūpan 'sup.' Sense 1 (mid 17th century) alludes to the sop used by Aeneas on his visit to Hades to appease Cerberus.

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