Definition of southeast in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌsouTHˈēst/


1 (usually the southeast) The direction toward the point of the horizon midway between south and east, or the point on the horizon itself: a ship was coming in from the southeast
More example sentences
  • Turn right here to climb up to the base of the monument, where there are views north-west over Folly Loch and the Eildons beyond, and to the south-east over Teviotdale towards the Cheviots.
  • They basically moved in three directions: two to the south and one to the south-east.
  • Fuar Tholl radiates three spurs, to the north, the south and to the south-east, and it is on these spurs that the great rock features of the mountain are prominent.
1.1The compass point corresponding to this.
2 (also the Southeast) The southeastern part of a country, region, or town: most “Mexican” foods in the southeast are actually Texan
More example sentences
  • The villagers died when petrol gushing out of the vandalised pipeline in a rural region in the south-east of the country caught fire.
  • But the growth has yet to reach the south-east, the region which has been hardest hit by the recent droughts.
  • Camberley is another one of those familiar dormitory towns that punctuate the south-east of England.


1Lying toward, near, or facing the southeast: a table stood in the southeast corner
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  • Towards the south-east end of the island the gullies open out to a kelp forest, before deepening into a series of steps which drop sharply to 30m.
  • On the inauguration day itself, he demonstrated this commitment to integrity and unity by suddenly arriving in the autonomous province of Ajara, down in the south-east corner of the Black Sea.
  • The quarry firm has claimed that reducing blasts to the level suggested would affect the economic viability of the south-east corner of the quarry, which only has a short lifespan.
1.1(Of a wind) blowing from the southeast.
Example sentences
  • Hot equatorial climate, south-east tradewinds blow May to November, but usually calm in the morning.
  • The site was selected for its northern orientation, its shelter from the prevailing south-east wind, its open terrain, views and landform.
  • The south-east monsoon cuts visibility from June to August, but the main rains come with the north-west monsoon from December to March, when heavy seas can restrict diving.
2Of or denoting the southeastern part of a specified country, region, or town or its inhabitants: Southeast Asia
More example sentences
  • On Christmas Day the family, who lived in Old Town until emigrating to south-east Asia in June, anchored off Patong beach on Phuket Island.
  • There are more than 900 species worldwide, most of which occur in mountains in subtropical and tropical regions from India to south-east Asia.
  • It is a country composed of hundreds of tropical islands in south-east Asia, in the region where the Pacific and the Indian Oceans meet.


To or toward the southeast: turn southeast to return to your starting point
More example sentences
  • Kuma's three-storey villa has been built into a hill and looks south-east over the bay of Atami, south of Tokyo.
  • The winds, which had now swung south-east sent great waves over those who still clung to anything they could get a grip on, such as chains, steel uprights or iron support bars.
  • Stafford itself is on the river Sow, which joins the Trent south-east of the town.

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