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Syllabification: spawn
Pronunciation: /spôn


  • 1 [no object] (Of a fish, frog, mollusk, crustacean, etc.) release or deposit eggs: the fish spawn among fine-leaved plants [with object]: a large brood is spawned
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    • Goldburg says cod and other fish may spawn inside cages.
    • The fish were spawning so the rivers were well stocked.
    • The female salmon spawns and then dies.
  • 1.1 (be spawned) (Of a fish, frog, etc.) be laid as eggs.
  • 2 [with object] often • derogatory (Of a person) produce (offspring): why had she married a man who could spawn a boy like that?
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    • They asked me to leave and notified the Child Welfare department that if I should ever spawn a child, it should be taken from my custody right away.
    • A human half my age has spawned ten children who all have four or more of their own.
  • 2.1 [with object] Produce or generate, especially in large numbers: the decade spawned a bewildering variety of books on the forces
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    • Nowlan's comic strip was widely popular, running for decades and spawning a host of imitators.
    • Kitchen restorations are a boom industry, and are spawning a new breed of specialists.
    • The only negative thing I can say about this song is that it might have the unfortunate side effect of spawning a league of yelling-guy-with-drums imitators.
    give rise to, bring about, occasion, generate, engender, originate; lead to, result in, effect, induce, initiate, start, set off, precipitate, trigger; breed, bear
    literary beget
  • 2.2 [with object] Computing Generate (a dependent or subordinate computer process).
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    • There are probably other methods of taking an existing running program and spawning a root process that this module does not catch.
    • But even on Linux, spawning a new process can sometimes be a bit extreme.
    • In some cases, programs will spawn multiple processes of their own.


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  • 1The eggs of fish, frogs, etc.: the fish covers its spawn with gravel
  • 1.1The process of producing spawn.
  • 2The product or offspring of a person or place (used to express distaste or disgust): the spawn of chaos: demons and sorcerers
    More example sentences
    • There was a flash of color in the demon spawn's cheeks.
    • She was like the wild, caffeinated, blonde spawn of Satan.
    • He was, without a doubt, the devil's evil spawn, sent down to earth to mess up the lives of innocent and simple girls.
  • 3The mycelium of a fungus, especially a cultivated mushroom.
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    • They also sell organically certified shiitake mushroom spawn.





late Middle English: shortening of Anglo-Norman French espaundre 'to shed roe', variant of Old French espandre 'pour out', from Latin expandere 'expand'.

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