Definition of spherical in English:


Syllabification: spher·i·cal
Pronunciation: /ˈsfirik(ə)l
, ˈsferik(ə)l


1Shaped like a sphere.
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  • A tiny somewhat spherical shaped object appeared off in the distance, moving quickly and effortlessly to the side of the craft.
  • I get dressed in my armor, and then I touch the spherical shaped switch that will bring the lift up to my room.
  • The elliptical shape can curve, but a round spherical shape can not.
1.1Of or relating to the properties of spheres.
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  • The design of contact lenses can be divided into spherical, toric and multifocal.
  • The small incision induces minimal postoperative astigmatism (change in the spherical curvature of the cornea).
  • Typically, a neutron star will have the mass of one and a half suns compressed into a spherical volume just 10-15 km in diameter.
1.2Formed inside or on the surface of a sphere.
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  • For example, he held that fire rises in order to reach its natural place, a spherical shell just inside the orbit of the moon.
  • Axonometric distortion creates the illusion that these rows occur upon spherical surfaces: they appear to overlay a field of bulging convexities and receding concavities.
  • They then wrote software to design circuits on spherical surfaces without distorting the physics of electrons that whiz through wires thinner than a human hair.


late 15th century: via late Latin from Greek sphairikos, from sphaira (see sphere).



More example sentences
  • Within a few minutes of calcium overload, the mitochondria, which started as elongated organelles, rounded up into spherically shaped particles.
  • David knew that each of the five spherically shaped machines contain just one zligit crystal, each crystal capable of focusing up to twelve megawatts of quantum energy.
  • If it has been expanding spherically at the speed of light since the big bang, then I can't see how it can be bigger than 20 billion to 30 billion light years across.

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