Definition of splash in English:

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Pronunciation: /splaSH/


1A sound made by something striking or falling into liquid: we hit the water with a mighty splash
More example sentences
  • I went back to reading my book until I was interrupted about ten minutes later by the sound of some enormous splashes.
  • He had not taken much notice until he heard a splash and the sound of panic-stricken voices.
  • Valos slowly opened his eyes as he heard the sound of a splash.
1.1A spell of moving about in water energetically: the girls joined them for a final splash in the pool
More example sentences
  • A few splashes of water, and I'm feeling a lot better.
  • He leaned to listen to her splashes, but the water was still.
  • The horses were cantering lightly, making small splashes of water around their hooves.
1.2A small quantity of liquid that has fallen or been dashed against a surface: a splash of gravy
More example sentences
  • As they walked down the street, they heard a yell, which was followed by a splash of some liquid.
  • Add corn, reserved dill and a splash of reserved braising liquid and heat through.
  • The dumplings wade in a thick peanut mixture with a splash of soy sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.
spot, blob, dab, daub, smudge, smear, speck, fleck;
mark, stain
informal splotch
1.3A small quantity of liquid added to a drink: a splash of lemonade
More example sentences
  • That's why we recommend using a consistent product like Rose's, and then use a splash of fresh juice to add some dimension to the drink.
  • Another, The Jacuzzi, has more of a kick to it lent by the addition of Bombay Sapphire Gin and a splash of lemon to the traditional drink.
  • Strain the ingredients into a ice filled highball glass and add a splash of soda water.
drop, dash, bit, spot, soupçon, dribble, driblet
1.4A bright patch of color: add a red scarf to give a splash of color
More example sentences
  • Darker colours tend to be more appropriate at work although there is no harm in adding a splash of brighter colour with accessories.
  • Add to this a splash of bright colour and the result is nothing short of arresting.
  • For a splash of bright colour it is hard to beat marigolds, Calendula officialis.
patch, burst, streak
1.5 informal A prominent or sensational news feature or story: a front-page splash
More example sentences
  • For nearly 15 years the media has contributed screaming headlines and front page splashes as well as serious studies.
  • My front-page splash became a three-inch brief on the inside - albeit one that took hours to report.
  • Of course, the hard but essential task now will be to maintain the sense of priority and importance about indigenous issues once the front page splashes die away again.
1.6 informal A striking, ostentatious, or exciting effect or event: there’s going to be a big splash when Mike returns to the ring
More example sentences
  • There had been talk that Gagosian was building a new art gallery on the outer edge of Rome after making a big splash in Venice with a show by the official American artist Ed Ruscha.
  • With this in mind, Mr Brown will have his eye on making a big splash, hoping to follow up his speech with well-aimed and well-received tax incentives.
  • Tourism chiefs in Cumbria are bidding to make a big splash in the cruise market by attracting more liners and thousands of extra visitors to the county.


[with object]
1Cause (liquid) to strike or fall on something in irregular drops: she splashed cold water onto her face
More example sentences
  • Shakily I splashed some cold water onto my stricken face, wishing the cold liquid to act as a reality check, maybe even wake me up from this painfully real nightmare.
  • The bathroom was cool when she flicked on the light, and as she splashed cold water onto her face the reflection of the mirror caught her eye.
  • I had to push past a few kissing couples to reach the bathroom, and once inside I splashed some cold water onto my face.
spatter, bespatter, splatter, speck, speckle, blotch, smear, stain, mark
informal splotch
1.1Make wet by doing this: they splashed each other with water
More example sentences
  • Then they start to roll the log, spraying and splashing each other, performing all sorts of acrobatics while turning the piece of wood.
  • I pass a besotted dad with his toddler splashing each other from opposites sides of the fountain.
  • They dunked and splashed each other in an oversized birdbath.
sprinkle, spray, shower, splatter, slosh, slop, squirt;
1.2 [no object] (Of a liquid) fall or be scattered in irregular drops: a tear fell and splashed onto the pillow
More example sentences
  • The icicles began to melt, and a few drops of frigid water splashed onto her head.
  • I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand gingerly and turned back to Trey, watching the rain droplets splash on his face.
  • The object flew past his face and he thought there was some liquid splashing onto his neck, but he didn't understand what it was.
swash, wash, break, lap;
dash, beat, lash, batter, crash, buffet
literary plash
1.3 [no object] Strike or move around in a body of water, causing it to fly about noisily: some stones splashed into the water wheels splashed through a puddle
More example sentences
  • Brice spun me around, holding my close to his body, for a few seconds before he tripped, sending our bodies flying and splashing into the water.
  • He sliced the water without splashing around and moved through it athletically.
  • They splashed noisily into the water and we clambered down the pier steps, watching the ghostly glows from their torches disappear into the inky blackness.
paddle, wade, slosh;
informal splosh
rare plash
1.4 (be splashed with) Be decorated with scattered patches of: a field splashed with purple clover
More example sentences
  • Inside her one-bedroom apartment at Indiana University, however, the walls were splashed with vibrantly colored pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
  • The river banks were splashed with the colour of wild flowers, and all was still and silent, barring the whisper of the wind and the occasional raucous call of a bird.
  • The lush greenery of the marsh to one side and the swamp to the other was splashed with purple mallow and pink hibiscus flowers, and there were blue herons and white egrets flapping through the trees.
1.5Print (a story or photograph, especially a sensational one) in a prominent place in a newspaper or magazine: the story was splashed across the front pages
More example sentences
  • Four out of five of Canada's largest newspapers in the country splashed the story on the front page the day after the Monday night game.
  • It's in the unapologetic headlines splashed across magazines and newspapers.
  • Newspapers splashed graphic photos of the carnage across the front pages of yesterday's editions.
blazon, display, spread, plaster, trumpet, publicize
informal splatter


make a splash

informal Attract a great deal of attention.
Example sentences
  • And so, every so often, he cannot resist making a splash, drawing attention to himself and reminding people that he is a major Labour Party player.
  • With communicator Mercury stirring up your need to make a splash, you could emulate these ladies and attract lots of publicity with your words.
  • Our article has certainly made a splash, generating a great deal of criticism in the blog world.
cause a sensation, cause a stir, attract attention, draw attention to oneself/itself, get noticed, make an impression, make an impact

Phrasal verbs


splash down

(Of a spacecraft) land on water.
Example sentences
  • Such a capsule, touching down on land like Soyuz or splashing down in the ocean like Apollo, could conceivably be much easier (and hence faster and cheaper) to develop.
  • The ship had splashed down into the waters of Ever-Pitch only fifteen minutes ago, and he needed to get ready before he and the others left for the slaver encampment.
  • On March 8, one of the missiles splashed down in waters about 60 kilometers north of Yonaguni, Japan's westernmost island.

splash out (or splash money out)

British informal Spend money freely: she splashed out on a Mercedes
More example sentences
  • And she believes the £2,000 she splashed out is money well spent.
  • My dear wife, who doesn't know it has arrived yet, will never cope, and she'll mock me, the person who is supposedly so careful with money, for splashing out on something I didn't want and don't need.
  • Londoners are less likely to be planning home improvements than people living elsewhere but those that are will spend more, splashing out an average of £1,586 each.


Early 18th century (as a verb): alteration of plash1.

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