There are 2 main definitions of stanch in English:


Syllabification: stanch
Pronunciation: /stôn(t)SH
, stän(t)SH
(also staunch)


[with object] chiefly US
1Stop or restrict (a flow of blood) from a wound: colleagues may have saved her life by stanching the flow figurative the company did nothing to stanch the tide of rumors
More example sentences
  • The hospital had been alerted and by the time we got there the doctor was already waiting outside for us and we went straight into the emergency room where they staunched the blood flow.
  • After the physio had tried to staunch the flow of blood to the head wound, he called for an ambulance to get Abrazu into hospital.
  • She was dangerously close to a coma when the ambulance got there, but they managed to staunch the blood flow enough to move her to the hospital.
1.1Stop the flow of blood from (a wound).
More example sentences
  • Schilling wasn't alone in being willing to spill a little blood to staunch an ancient wound.
  • Unless I staunch this wound now, I'll leave a trail from here to the bathroom, and this was not what my wife was expecting to see when she came home.
  • With the tail of my t-shirt, I staunched the wound on my forehead, which I hadn't noticed until the blood dribbled into my eyes.


Middle English: from Old French estanchier, from the base of staunch1.

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