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Syllabification: stat·ute
Pronunciation: /ˈstaCHo͞ot


  • 1A written law passed by a legislative body: violation of the hate crimes statute the tax is not specifically disallowed by statute
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    • Rules are written to reflect the statutes passed in legislation.
    • Congress has passed statutes making a defendant pay the fee of a plaintiff's lawyer if the plaintiff prevails in the case.
    • It is not entirely clear from this paper, it may be clear from the original: is this form of lease prescribed by statute or regulation?
    law, regulation, enactment, act, bill, decree, edict, rule, ruling, resolution, dictum, command, order, directive, order-in-council, pronouncement, proclamation, dictate, fiat, bylaw, ordinance
  • 1.1A rule of an organization or institution: the appointment will be subject to the statutes of the university
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    • Both sides claim the backing of World Trade Organization statutes for their positions.
    • Ironically, it appeared to have no effect on the organisation's statutes or policy positions.
    • Today, they are marketing themselves as ‘financial cooperatives,’ even though they are organized under different statutes.
  • 1.2 archaic (In biblical use) a law or decree made by a sovereign, or by God.
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    • ‘I incline my heart to perform Thy statutes,’ is a verse that occurs in several forms in the psalm.


Middle English: from Old French statut, from late Latin statutum, neuter past participle of Latin statuere 'set up', from status 'standing' (see status).

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