Definition of stonefish in English:


Syllabification: stone·fish
Pronunciation: /ˈstōnˌfiSH

noun (plural same or stonefishes)

A chiefly marine fish of bizarre appearance that lives in the tropical Indo-Pacific. It rests motionless in the sand with its venomous dorsal spines projecting and is a frequent cause of injury to swimmers.
More example sentences
  • In Australia, bottlenose dolphins place sponges over their snouts as protection from the spines of stonefish and stingrays as they forage over shallow seabeds.
  • Harboring death for its victims in each of its 13 dorsal spines, a stonefish takes its time and lies quietly on the ocean floor.
  • Inimicus didactylus is feared by those who come in contact with it due to its painful, venomous spines and resemblance to more deadly stonefishes.

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