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Syllabification: stop·per
Pronunciation: /ˈstäpər


  • 1A plug for sealing a hole, especially in the neck of a bottle or other container.
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    • Marie shredded the book's pages, enclosed the shreds within gel capsules, put the capsules inside a glass druggist's bottle, and sealed the bottle with a cork stopper.
    • Many parts of the Mediterranean are facing an environmental crisis as wine makers stop using traditional cork stoppers for their wine bottles.
    • He began saving cork stoppers from bottles of wine drunk by his parents, then began collecting them from bars and restaurants in his home town.
  • 2A person or thing that halts or obstructs a specified thing: [in combination]: a crime-stopper
  • 2.1(In soccer and other sports) a player whose function is to block attacks on goal from the middle of the field.
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    • He is an excellent goal stopper and he has been known to try and take on opposing players with his amazing skills.
    • There shouldn't be any serious questions asked of the American stopper until he is given ample protection from his defenders.
    • The defense desperately needs him to be the run stopper in the middle.
  • 2.2 Baseball A starting pitcher depended on to win a game or stop a losing streak, or a relief pitcher used to prevent the opposing team from scoring.
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    • It's easy to compile a list of big league pitchers who went from stopper to plugger.
    • It's been a rocky first month for Foulke, Mariano Rivera and, for that matter, a lot of other stoppers around baseball.
    • As the Cubs late-inning stopper in 1965, Abernathy led the majors with 84 appearances and 31 saves.
  • 2.3(In sailing or climbing) a rope or clamp for preventing a rope or cable from running out.
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    • Everything held firm, including the sheet stopper through which the halyard was led into the cockpit.
    • The belay consisted of a couple of s - ty stoppers, numbers three and four, in really fractured rock.
    • Trad climbers use friends, chocks, stoppers and other passive and active gear instead.
  • 2.4 Bridge another term for control.


(usually as adjective stoppered) Back to top  
  • Use a stopper to seal (a bottle or other container): a small stoppered jar
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    • Put your dilute acid in a tightly stoppered container, preferably one with an eye dropper.
    • Yeast is dispensed into it and it is then plugged before the bottle is stoppered with the usual crown cap.
    • In one photograph, this table holds a wicker basket piled high with cherries; in another, a tightly stoppered glass jar in which two peaches gently float.


put a (or the) stopper on

informal Prevent from happening or continuing.
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  • This will put a stopper on rumours about him being ‘inspired’ by the film.
  • He notes that the volatility of oil prices as feedstock has had a negative impact on petrochemical companies, affecting their cash flow and putting a stopper on major projects.
  • Then putting a stopper on my joy came the realization of how stupid I had been, allowing my emotions to cloud my judgement.

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