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Pronunciation: /stôr/


1chiefly North American A retail establishment selling items to the public: a health-food store
More example sentences
  • Sports drinks are easy enough to find, having made their way from health-food and sporting-goods stores to the corner grocery.
  • Cinnamon sticks are found at grocery and health-food stores and, often during Christmas, at country gift shops.
  • We have partnered with hair salons, health food stores, restaurants, flower shops, sports stores and other related businesses.
shop, (retail) outlet, boutique, department store, general store, chain store, emporium;
market, supermarket, superstore, megastore
dated groceteria
1.1 [as modifier] Store-bought: there’s a loaf of store bread
2A quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed: the squirrel has a store of food figurative her vast store of knowledge
More example sentences
  • Here, the dollar is ubiquitous as a store of value, a measure of wealth and a pricing mechanism.
  • Fittingly, this book provides a store of fascinating insights for those who love him, and a supply of brickbats for those who don't.
  • Kerr is fortunate to have such a store of commitment at hand.
stock, supply, stockpile, hoard, cache, reserve, bank, pool
informal war chest, pork barrel
supplies, provisions, stocks, necessities;
food, rations, provender;
materials, equipment, hardware;
Military  matériel, accoutrements;
Nautical  chandlery
2.1A place where things are kept for future use or sale: a grain store
More example sentences
  • The service says that there are 384 000 tons in the licensed public stores, grain depositories and the mills.
  • The sale includes a shop with floor space of 216 square metres and a store of 12 square metres.
  • As Ray opened the door to a store of some sort, Rhea saw all of the weapons and armors.
storeroom, storehouse, repository, depository, stockroom, depot, warehouse, magazine
informal lockup
2.2 (stores) Supplies of equipment and food kept for use by members of an army, navy, or other institution, or the place where they are kept.
Example sentences
  • For Sgt Nathan Walsh, this means stores and equipment from Australia have arrived.
  • The ship carries provisions and stores for battalion transportation for more than ten days.
  • The supply of stores to the ship, which required a detailed and lengthy programme, is now well under way.
2.3British A computer memory.
3chiefly British A sheep, steer, cow, or pig acquired or kept for fattening.
Example sentences
  • Dry cows and heifers will suffer no setback through being indoors for a couple of weeks and next in line would be yearling cattle and forward stores.
  • The main changes for stores are with sheep which will be allowed into the market on a special movement licence which has to be obtained from the local trading standards officers.


[with object]
1Keep or accumulate (something) for future use: a small room used for storing furniture
More example sentences
  • Gareth took note and he took to a search for a suitable island to store his accumulated loot.
  • Psychics say storing things causes corresponding accumulations in our bodies - a horrifying thought for hoarders.
  • Even the biggest bookstores don't have enough room to store a fraction of the new books that wash in and out, like foam on a tide.
keep, keep in reserve, stockpile, lay in, put/set aside, put away/by, put away for a rainy day, save, collect, accumulate, hoard, cache
informal squirrel away, salt away, stash away
1.1Retain or enter (information) for future electronic retrieval: the data is stored on disk
More example sentences
  • In these solutions, confidential information is stored on a secure Web server.
  • Information is stored on the card and updated every time it is used in a transaction.
  • This information will be stored on a special website so pupils can record and learn about the main issues in recycling and managing waste in the region.
1.2 (be stored with) Have a supply of (something useful): a mind well stored with esoteric knowledge
More example sentences
  • That means that the filing system in their brains is stored with memories that indicate that even seemingly benign situations can carry some hidden threat.
1.3 [no object] Remain fresh while being stored: they do not ship or store well



in store

1In a safe place while not being used or displayed: items held in store
More example sentences
  • I am reliably informed however that numerous interesting items from this period are held in store by the museum.
2Coming in the future; about to happen: he did not yet know what lay in store for him
More example sentences
  • For weeks they sweated over their decision, wondering what lay in store for them.
  • But when we booked the holiday, little did we know what lay in store for us once we arrived.
  • He signed a five-year contract last summer but admits he has been left wondering what the future has in store.

set (or lay or put) store by (or on)

Consider (something) to be of a particular degree of importance or value: many people set much store by privacy
More example sentences
  • They may, for instance, have spent their college years as an Eros lover, passionate and quick to get involved, setting store on physical attraction and sexual satisfaction.
  • In today's world of liberalisation and cut-throat competition, everyone sets store by cost effectiveness even in the field of arts.
  • Coaches have begun to set store by saving runs rather than just scoring them.

store something up

Create problems for the future by failing to address a particular situation adequately at the time: they’re storing up trouble by denying opportunities to younger players
More example sentences
  • There is little doubt many of us are storing up problems in our finances for our later years.
  • What's happening today is storing up major problems for the future.
  • In many ways the territorial settlement which Versailles established stored up problems for the future, not least in its reshaping of Germany.



Example sentences
  • By turning grain into spirits, the grain would not be wasted; instead, it was transformed into a storable product that could be transported.
  • Because gray squirrels are highly sensitive to the perishability of acorns it was critical to design artificial seeds that were recognized by the animals as potentially storable items.
  • At that time, temperatures are still relatively mild and there is a rich supply of storable food, such as seeds and nuts.


Example sentences
  • To the right of the vegetable storer, is a silver upright griller, and a new, white, 4 piece toaster, still in its box.
  • I have no evidence that the storage rate for the sailboat is excessive, such as evidence from other storers of lower competitive rates or of a regulated range of rates.
  • In the 1990s, one commentator presented the idea that archives should move from being a storer of information to a presenter of older information.


Middle English: shortening of Old French estore (noun), estorer (verb), from Latin instaurare 'renew'; compare with restore.

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