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Syllabification: strained
Pronunciation: /strānd


  • 1(Of an atmosphere, situation, or relationship) not relaxed or comfortable; tense or uneasy: there was a strained silence relations between the two countries were strained
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    • The elevator ride seemed endless, full of strained silence and uneasy sideways glances.
    • There was an awkward and strained silence between them for a moment, but it was broken by a familiar female voice.
    • We sat in silence for several strained minutes, feeling awkward in one another's presence.
    awkward, tense, uneasy, uncomfortable, edgy, difficult, troubled
  • 1.1(Of a person) showing signs of tiredness or nervous tension: Jean’s pale, strained face
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    • Several minutes of strained, nervous gazing about the room passed.
    • Alex's voice held a strained edge, sounding as if it would break any minute.
    • Before she can shake her head in strained resignation, Rhett Remiel steps up next to the table.
    drawn, careworn, worn, pinched, tired, exhausted, drained, haggard
  • 1.2(Of an appearance or performance) produced by deliberate effort rather than natural impulse; artificial or forced: I put on my strained smile for the next customer
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    • ‘It's not every day something like that happens,’ he said with a rather strained smile.
    • Sam smiled a bit as the rest offered their own strained smiles and laughs to his amusing but rather frighteningly honest statement.
    • She doesn't look any different and she's actually wearing a rather strained smile.
    forced, constrained, unnatural; artificial, insincere, false, affected, put-on
  • 1.3(Of a statement or representation) labored or far-fetched: my example may seem a little strained and artificial
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    • But here the strained and unconvincing resolution arrives posthaste.
    • The dialogue and the acting are strained and unconvincing, and far too complacent considering the events under consideration.
    • It is to be hoped, to pursue Latham's own somewhat strained imagery, that he understands that it was just one rung on the ladder, and one on which he cannot always rely in the future.
  • 2(Of a limb or muscle) injured by overexertion or twisting.
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    • Barlow has been bothered by a strained quadriceps muscle, which he hurt in the preseason and re-aggravated recently.
    • Clemens began the game tentatively thanks to a strained leg muscle suffered in his last start.
    • It was Carter's second game back after missing 10 games with a strained quadriceps muscle in his left knee.
  • 3(Of a mainly liquid substance) having been strained to separate out any solid matter.
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    • A bowl of strained strawberry sauce was put out to dip them.
    • Pour the strained liquor into a sugar-rimmed martini glass and garnish with lemon peel.
    • Pour the strained mixture into the chilled glass, then layer with more crushed ice.

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