Definition of strict construction in English:

strict construction

Syllabification: strict con·struc·tion


A literal interpretation of a statute or document by a court.
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  • In accordance with the basic rule of statutory interpretation, a penal enactment will not be given a strict construction if other interpretive factors weigh more heavily in the scales.
  • A strict construction, such as might be adopted for ordinary taxation legislation, is inappropriate.
  • The further advantage of a strict construction was that one simply had to read the enforcement notices to discover whether the breaches which founded each enforcement notice were the same.


strict constructionist

More example sentences
  • I believe in strict constructionists, and those are the kind of judges I will appoint.
  • ‘Putting strict constructionists on the Supreme Court may help thwart the forces of judicial activism, but it isn't enough,’ he says in a press release.
  • If we have to deal with strict constructionists on the Supreme Court, maybe it's time to be more activist in our interpretations of everything else.

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