There are 2 main definitions of stud in English:

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stud 1

Syllabification: stud


1A large-headed piece of metal that pierces and projects from a surface, especially for decoration.
Example sentences
  • The shape of the headrest follows Zulu style, but brightly coloured plastics, insulation tape and metal studs decorate the core.
  • Heeled clogs were lined with sheepskin while knee-high boots with a six-inch wooden heel were patterned with metal studs.
  • The bike look is not heavy leather with metal studs, but usually clothes made with lightweight synthetic fiber and pants that end mid-calf.
1.1A small, simple piece of jewelry for wearing in pierced ears or nostrils.
Example sentences
  • The collection included a wide range of jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, bangles, studs, broaches and mangalsutra.
  • Diamond stud earrings are timeless and go with just about anything.
  • Diamond earrings and studs are the most versatile and wonderful accessory that can give an aristocratic look.
1.2A fastener consisting of two buttons joined with a bar, used in formal wear to fasten a shirtfront or to fasten a collar to a shirt.
Example sentences
  • By the same token, try to use studs to fasten your tuxedo shirt rather than the plastic buttons already on the shirt.
  • She returned the favor by working the studs from his dress shirt.
  • He put on his tux shirt and slowly plugged the studs.
1.3 (usually studs) A small projection fixed to the base of footwear, especially athletic shoes, to allow the wearer to grip the ground.
Example sentences
  • He just went to turn inside during the game and his studs stuck in the ground.
  • The studs of my boot got caught in the turf and my leg just gave way.
  • Your studs go into the ground, your knee goes one way but your foot stays where it is.
1.4 (usually studs) A small metal piece set into the tire of a motor vehicle to improve roadholding in slippery conditions.
Example sentences
  • In real winter conditions the studs provide great traction, but when the temperatures warm up it can be very hard on both tyres and studs.
  • Cars run on skinny snow tyres in Sweden, with sharp studs to penetrate the icy surface and find good grip underneath.
  • This gravel can rip out tyre studs, making the roads even more difficult than usual.
2An upright support in the wall of a building to which sheathing, drywall, etc., are attached.
Example sentences
  • The heads of nails, or dry wall screws, used to fasten plaster-board to studs often pop out.
  • One word of caution - not all moldings are nailed directly into the studs.
  • Place nail guards over studs to protect wires and pipes.
2.1US The height of a room as indicated by the length of this.
Example sentences
  • After completing the layout, separate the plates by the distance of a stud length.
3A rivet or crosspiece in each link of a chain cable.
Example sentences
  • Haven't you noticed each time you rivet another row of studs into that protective armour, how life slides by and slams you?
  • Super Stud ATV tire chains are made of case-hardened alloy chain, and uses two studs on every other link for maximum traction.

verb (studs, studding, studded)

[with object] (usually be studded) Back to top  
1Decorate or augment (something) with many studs or similar small objects: a dagger studded with precious diamonds
More example sentences
  • The cylindrical nave columns are studded with gold mosaic and alternating geometrically decorated capitals.
  • They are studded with stones and plastic gems, also sometimes with ribbons and glittering fabric paints to enhance the look.
  • To add to the attraction, they are studded with chocolate gems.
dotted, scattered, sprinkled, covered, spangled
literary bespangled, bejeweled
1.1Strew or cover (something) with a scattering of small objects or features: the sky was clear and studded with stars
More example sentences
  • Some 600 teddies, variously decorated by artists, stud the streets of Zurich and its airport in the ‘Teddy-Summer’ project.
  • Mongia's half century was studded with five fours and two sixes.
  • Never one to back away from a fight, his political career was studded with duels and bloody street brawls.


Old English studu, stuthu 'post, upright prop'; related to German stützen 'to prop'. The sense 'ornamental metal knob' arose in late Middle English.

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Definition of stud in:
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There are 2 main definitions of stud in English:

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stud 2 Syllabification: stud


1An establishment where horses or other domesticated animals are kept for breeding: [as modifier]: a stud farm the horse was retired to stud
More example sentences
  • There you have the state run studs and bigger breeding programs.
  • Taylor Made Farm has raised the stud fee of Grade 1 winner Forestry to $75,000 for 2005.
  • The farm also reduced the stud fees on three of its stallions.
1.1A collection of horses or other domesticated animals belonging to one person.
Example sentences
  • Backsberg also has a goat stud of the famous Swiss Saanen bloodline.
  • In the meantime they provided a stud of beef bulls not be equalled on the British Isles.
  • It was one of South Africa's prominent Holstein studs at that time.
1.2 (also stud horse) A stallion.
Example sentences
  • Pat brought in a second horse, Liberty Major, a stud horse discarded for being dull, stupid, and unwilling.
  • Williamson pushed his stud horse up to the challenge.
  • As long as people think there is someone prepared to pay $1 million for a foal, studs can charge hefty fees and their owners can live playboy lives.
1.3 informal A young man thought to be very active sexually or regarded as a good sexual partner.
Example sentences
  • We're not sexual super studs, just ordinary, everyday people and if we can do it, why can't you?
  • I'm kissed and hugged and pinched by the studs, the bartenders, the drag queens, but that's it.
  • Would it be fair for someone my age to try to wed a young stud like him?
hunk, ladies' man, ladykiller, Romeo, Don Juan, Casanova, Lothario, womanizer, playboy, gigolo, lover
informal chick magnet, babe magnet, studmuffin
2 (also stud poker) A form of poker in which the first card of a player’s hand is dealt face down and the others face up, with betting after each round of the deal.
Example sentences
  • It will have 16 tables for roulette, black jack, stud poker, dice and ponto banco.
  • Corruption, where there are both hidden and exposed cards, as in stud poker, is a game of bluffing and intimidation.
  • We're playing sing stud poker with two decks!


Old English stōd, of Germanic origin; related to German Stute 'mare', also to stand.

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