Definition of submit in English:


Syllabification: sub·mit
Pronunciation: /səbˈmit

verb (submits, submitting, submitted)

1 [no object] Accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person: the original settlers were forced to submit to Bulgarian rule
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  • Entire villages rose in support of the rebels, only to submit when superior forces arrived from outside.
  • What happened was the ultra-religious rural forces took control of the cities and the women were forced to submit to the small-town culture or leave the country.
  • Clearly, the LEA are not currently able to provide a suitable education as the law requires and offer instead threats of jail to force the family to submit to substandard provision.
give in/way, yield, back down, cave in, capitulate;
surrender, knuckle under
be governed by, abide by, be regulated by, comply with, accept, adhere to, be subject to, agree to, consent to, conform to
1.1 (submit oneself) Consent to undergo a certain treatment: he submitted himself to a body search
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  • Few men have so far submitted themselves to the treatment: perhaps they're in denial about cellulite.
  • We can only test persons who either apply to become claimants for the million-dollar prize, or who will actually submit themselves to undergoing proper test procedures.
  • Yet not all submit themselves to the physician's hand or accept his treatment.
1.2 [with object] Subject to a particular process, treatment, or condition: samples submitted to low pressure
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  • According to PEC regulations, results of the sorting process should be submitted to the main polling stations, and then to the PEC without being announced.
  • Unrepentant, he was submitted to humiliating treatment with hormones to avoid going to prison.
  • Often there is confusion - some people will get big on the need to forgive ‘the brother’, and even suggest he should not be submitted to the legal process.
1.3Agree to refer a matter to a third party for decision or adjudication: the U.S. refused to submit to arbitration
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  • Although neither party binds itself to bring any action here, each of them does agree to submit to the jurisdiction if an action is brought against it.
  • The Insured and Insurers agree to submit to the jurisdiction of any court of competent jurisdiction within England and to comply with all requirements to give such court jurisdiction.
  • I did not give any person instructions to submit to the jurisdiction and take any steps in this matter which would result in the Embassy waiving its immunity.
2 [with object] Present (a proposal, application, or other document) to a person or body for consideration or judgment: the panel’s report was submitted to a parliamentary committee
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  • The club need to know their plans will obtain a safety licence from the body before submitting their planning application.
  • The rural village of Hebrandston is in the centre of a planning application tussle after proposals were submitted to transform a disused outbuilding into a small dental surgery.
  • We didn't actually have to go out and build some new defenses, but make a presentation, submitting our proposals to the rest of the group complete with economical and environmental costs/benefits.
put forward, present, offer, proffer, tender, propose, suggest, float;
put in, send in, register
2.1 [with clause] (Especially in judicial contexts) suggest; argue: he submitted that such measures were justified
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  • In this context, I am submitting that he erred in saying that there would not be any unfairness.
  • So it is really in that context that we submit that the Full Court has talked about the effect of indefeasibility of title.
  • It is in that context that we submit that it cannot be shown, in effect, whose hair this was.
contend, assert, argue, state, claim, posit, postulate


late Middle English: from Latin submittere, from sub- 'under' + mittere 'send, put'. sense 2 'present for judgment' dates from the mid 16th century.



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  • Many submitters to the select committee have not read or understood the bills and it shows on their submissions.
  • Now they employ up to three people full time with hundreds of voluntary submitters.
  • During the select committee process many submitters sought a longer conversation on the foreshore and seabed issue.

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