Definition of superconductivity in English:


Syllabification: su·per·con·duc·tiv·i·ty
Pronunciation: /ˌso͞opərˌkändəkˈtivədē


The property of zero electrical resistance in some substances at very low absolute temperatures.
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  • These chemically complex materials can, in fact, provide more information about superconductivity and magnetism than supposedly simple materials.
  • Such variation in the transition temperatures allows the salient energy scales for antiferromagnetic order and superconductivity to be varied over a wide range and examined in two very different limits.
  • It aims to develop technologies across a wide range of disciplines including superconductivity, nanotechnology, data storage, photonics and power electronics.



Pronunciation: /-kənˈdəkt/
More example sentences
  • Lithium brings the number of elements that superconduct under pressure to 23, which is close to the number of elements that are superconductors at ambient pressure.
  • They are hoping to be able to make it superconduct.
  • In 1986 excitement ensued when certain copper-oxide ceramics were discovered which superconduct at higher temperatures.


Pronunciation: /-kənˈdəktiNG/
More example sentences
  • The plastic is described as an inexpensive material that could be widely used in, for example, quantum computing devices and superconducting electronics.
  • In order to study these superconducting substances, then, a low-temperature physicist is needed.
  • The apparatus that accomplished this consisted of a cooled and magnetically suspended ring of superconducting ceramic material.


Pronunciation: /-kənˈdəktiv/
More example sentences
  • The present invention discloses an integrated circuit that is wired with a high-temperature superconductive material that is superconductive at temperatures of about 70° K and above, and methods of making the integrated circuit.
  • However, recent advances in superconducting technology and materials permit superconductive properties to exist at temperatures higher than 120 kelvin.
  • If further studies of the new compound's properties confirm it as a member of this class, they may also shed light on the electron-pairing mechanism that renders these materials superconductive, he adds.

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