Definition of suspension in English:


Syllabification: sus·pen·sion
Pronunciation: /səˈspenSHən


  • 1The action of suspending someone or something or the condition of being suspended, in particular.
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    • Together with his son Nathaniel, a canon of the cathedral, he remained a staunch royalist, opposing the suspension of services during the Civil War.
    • By its very nature, even an excellent musical requires a greater suspension of disbelief on the part of the audience than the average film does.
    • It doesn't bother me that their involvement may not always be ‘realistic,’ because opera is all about the suspension of disbelief.
  • 1.1The temporary prevention of something from continuing or being in force or effect: the suspension of military action
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    • The Embassy bombing touched off storms of protests from China and led to suspension of almost all military contacts and planned visits.
    • There are many other risks of business interruption and suspension that cannot be transferred to an insurance company.
    • The formal suspension of the action led to the resumption of talks with the government in a further attempt to impose a settlement in the 15-month dispute.
    adjournment, interruption, postponement, delay, deferral, deferment, stay, prorogation; armistice; cessation, end, halt, stoppage, dissolution, disbandment, terminationexclusion, debarment, removal, elimination, expulsion, ejection
  • 1.2The official prohibition of someone from holding their usual post or carrying out their usual role for a particular length of time: the investigation led to the suspension of several officers a four-game suspension
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    • The students each received a one-day suspension, which school officials agreed not to enforce after they were contacted by the ACLU of Massachusetts.
    • The four-game suspension of RB Travis Henry will mean more carries for Chris Brown.
    • For suspensions, they were asked the year their suspension occurred and the length of their suspension.
  • 1.3 Music A discord made by prolonging a note of a chord into the following chord.
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    • Santana's own contribution is replete with rubato, ornamentation and suspensions.
    • He also used sighing suspensions, and unexpected leaps to hold on to bass pedal notes to create chords.
    • Each note, once sounded, is held on, to produce a grinding multiple suspension over a quasitonic E at the sixth bar.
  • 2The system of springs and shock absorbers by which a vehicle is cushioned from road conditions: the car’s rear suspension
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    • The running gear features torsion bar suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers at one, two and six road wheel stations and tracks with rubber-metallic pin hinges.
    • The Frontier features a rind leaf spring rear suspension and like the Xterra has the power-assisted rack and pinion steering.
    • It was also given a more conventional rear suspension with leaf springs in a typical Hotchkiss design.
  • 3A mixture in which particles are dispersed throughout the bulk of a fluid: a suspension of corn starch in peanut oil
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    • An aerosol is a suspension of very small particles of solid or liquid dispersed in a gas medium.
    • One of the simplest ways of demonstrating that an apparent solution is actually a suspension of microscopic particles is through light scattering.
    • Milk is a colloidal suspension of oil droplets in water.
  • 3.1The state of being dispersed in a fluid: the agitator in the vat keeps the slurry in suspension
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    • It does not dissolve the latex particles, but disperses them in suspension.
    • Muds are transported in suspension by surface waters and are widely dispersed from their source area.
    • The lipids are held in suspension as tiny globules known as liposomes, and are delivered by a manual-pump aerosol spray onto the closed eye.


late Middle English: from French, or from Latin suspensio(n-), from the verb suspendere (see suspend).

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