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Syllabification: syn·chro·nize
Pronunciation: /ˈsiNGkrəˌnīz


[with object]
  • 1Cause to occur or operate at the same time or rate: soldiers used watches to synchronize movements synchronize your hand gestures with your main points
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    • The goal is to ensure that all movement is synchronized to meet operations and logistics timelines.
    • Even when all his pistons were synchronised and operating precisely, Jones did not like to take chances.
    • All the cuts, all the ski strokes, all the movements are synchronized with the tempo of the sound.
  • 1.1 [no object] Occur at the same time or rate: sometimes converging swells will synchronize to produce a peak
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    • They breathe in time with the listener, pulses synchronising, heart rate slowing.
    • Joshua laid his head on her shoulder, listening as her heavy breathing synchronized with his.
    • The mandible, or lower jaw, rocks slowly back and forth to aid and synchronize with this process.
  • 1.2Adjust (a clock or watch) to show the same time as another: It is now 5:48. Synchronize watches
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    • The theory should also help in the design of quantum techniques for synchronizing atomic clocks aboard satellites, which keep slightly different times because of their relative motion.
    • My guys synchronise their watches with the atomic clock.
    • These clocks are synchronized with a number of atomic standards on Earth to provide the highly precise time reference needed to locate objects precisely on or near Earth's surface.
  • 1.3 [no object] Tally; agree: their version failed to synchronize with the police view
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    • And now, this is called by some as ‘sophisticated conservatism’ because this section's attitude synchronises with the prevalent trend elsewhere, but without being boorish or flamboyant.
    • The Tamil paper realises the importance of presenting business news in a simple and lucid style that also synchronises with the paper's overall character.
    • The best signature is one that synchronises with the rest of the script and not the one that stands apart from it, he says.
  • 1.4 Computing Cause (a set of data or files) to remain identical in more than one location: you can synchronize your calendar with your GPS device and be alerted when you need to leave for an appointment
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    • Your data is automatically synchronized with your online account, and therefore accessible to all Macs on your network.
    • It will allow users to store files online and synchronise files across machines, including tablets.
    • With Messages already available as part of iOS 5, conversations are synchronized across your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • 1.5Coordinate; combine: both media synchronize national interests with multinational scope
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    • It tracks the current fight, plans the next fight, synchronizes brigade resources, coordinates with higher headquarters, and a lot more.
    • The JCC coordinates and synchronizes the activities of security and emergency response forces within a city or region and provides the command and control infrastructure for security.
    • As mission requirements are identified, the two staffs must coordinate and synchronize combat multipliers and support requirements.



Pronunciation: /ˌsiNGkrənəˈzāSHən/
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  • The system management allows synchronization of the device applications and the network processing.
  • It's not just the painstaking synchronization of actor and video and sound cues to produce effective storytelling.
  • Without a means of synchronization, our clocks would gain or lose time until we drifted out of sync with each other.


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  • Inside the S700i is a media player, FM receiver, sound recorder, games, internet browser, mail client, address book synchroniser, and many ways to connect with computers and televisions.
  • And, since it's likely to be abused at least part of the time, Honda engineers fitted the six-speed with triple-cone synchronizers on the first two gears, and double-cone units on the rest.
  • As the aircraft was cleared to FL 160, the pilots started their landing checks, during which there was a question about the synchronizers.

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