There are 2 main definitions of tai in English:


Syllabification: tai

noun (plural same)

A deep red-brown Pacific sea bream, eaten as a delicacy in Japan.
  • Pagrus major, family Sparidae
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  • The dorsal lobe of the sturgeon tai does not lead during the tail beat, and the tail is extremely flexible.
  • The sea bream, or tai, is a favored dish for celebratory occasions in Japan and a commonly invoked emblem of good fortune.
  • The sea bream, or tai in Japanese, carries auspicious connotations because of the phonetic association of its name with the Japanese word for congratulations (medetai).


early 17th century: from Japanese.

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There are 2 main definitions of tai in English:


Syllabification: Tai


Of, relating to, or denoting a family of tonal Southeast Asian languages, including Thai and Lao, of uncertain affinity to other language groups, but sometimes linked with the Sino-Tibetan family.
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  • Lao belongs to the Tai family of languages and is related to Thai, but Lao has its own alphabet and numbers.
  • This essay focuses on three groups of townspeople who speak languages that belong to the Tai language family.
  • It is widely used by speakers of other Tai languages and is a second language for most other people.

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