There are 2 main definitions of tan in English:

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tan 1

Pronunciation: /tan/


1A yellowish-brown color: the overall color scheme of tan and cream
More example sentences
  • The puppies are both crossbred males, one is black and white and smooth-coated and the other is nearly all black with some tan colouring.
  • They are usually brown, but can vary in colour from light tan to black.
  • She was dressed in tan fishing overalls with a fishing hat, bulky black boots, and a pink T-shirt underneath.
yellowish-brown, light brown, pale brown, beige, tawny
1.1A golden-brown shade of skin developed by pale-skinned people after exposure to the sun.
Example sentences
  • If you want the golden glow of a tan without exposure to damaging UV light, consider using sunless tanning products or bronzers.
  • Develop golden tans and honour requests for autographs.
  • Flawless skin and a radiant tan are key to complementing the clothing trends for spring and summer 2002.
become suntanned, get a suntan, brown, go/get/become brown, bronze
2 (also tanbark /ˈtanˌbärk/) Bark of oak or other trees, bruised and used as a source of tannin for converting hides into leather.
Example sentences
  • Back in America, Quercus prinus was better known as mountain or rock oak, after its preferred habitat; tanbark oak after its preferred use; and nowadays, chestnut oak after the shape of its leaves.
  • It sniffed at me calmly, gave a canine-style shrug, and disappeared behind tanbark oaks.
  • Should tan bark be laid where leaves fall?
2.1 (also spent tan) Bark from which the tannin has been extracted, used for covering the ground for walking, riding, playgrounds, etc., and in gardening.
Example sentences
  • He held his breath as he positioned himself meticulously in the tanbark, shoelaces of his sneakers quivering.
  • She had stayed away from the sandpit, and the tanbark, and all the play equipment.
  • I grinned broadly and stepped off the footpath, slowly making my way across the grass, stepping into the large wooden-plank-outlined square of tanbark, and heading straight for the swings.

verb (tans, tanning, tanned)

1 [no object] (Of a pale-skinned person or their skin) become brown or browner after exposure to the sun: you’ll tan very quickly in the pure air
More example sentences
  • He had pale skin, but it was March, and even then I understood that people tanned in summer and lost color in winter.
  • In case you are thinking why there is a line above the gstring tanline, I was tanning with a rather high-waist normal bikini bottom at first.
  • Whether you're tanning on the beach or staying cool at the mall, these glosses will be perfect for subtle shine or a high powered sheen.
1.1 [with object] (usually as adjective tanned) (Of the sun) cause (a pale-skinned person or their skin) to become brown or browner: he looked tanned and fit
More example sentences
  • It was a Japanese-American tanned girl with brown eyes, a red spaghetti strap dress with a yellow star and a wand.
  • A few minutes later the door opened and a small, pretty tanned girl with straight brown hair walked in.
  • The chiseled features had always been tanned deeply by the sun.
2 [with object] Convert (animal skin) into leather by soaking in a liquid containing tannic acid, or by the use of other chemicals.
Example sentences
  • They also came from the odiferous chemicals used to tan animal hides into leather.
  • On the second night, after a long day spent scraping and stretching and tanning a deer skin, he asked me what I was hiding from.
  • The next day he taught us how to tan the skin, and make weapons and tools from the bones.
3 [with object] informal, dated Beat (someone) repeatedly, especially as a punishment: “If Mickey touches a fishing net, I’ll tan his hide!”
More example sentences
  • Everyone in the village did, or taught them, or tanned their hides for stealing apples.
  • you really think that your strength and your ability to tan the hide of a child is going to teach them respect?
  • My father would have tanned my hide if I pulled a stunt like that.


North American
1Of a yellowish-brown color: a tan baseball cap with orange piping
More example sentences
  • The carpet was a tan color and was crusty in some spots.
  • The walls were painted a creamy tan color and along the walls were many different pictures of streets in many different countries and cities.
  • The office walls were plain white and the carpet was a generic tan color.
1.1(Of a pale-skinned person) having golden-brown skin after exposure to the sun: she looks tall, tan, and healthy
More example sentences
  • They were walking home from school, the tan girl on the left and the darker one on the right.
  • She turned and exhaled gratefully as the tan boy with the piercing eyes and spiky hair, stood with his arms crossed in a sarcastic manner behind her.
  • She was a tan girl with sleek dark hair and almond shaped eyes.





Pronunciation: /ˈtaniNG/
Example sentences
  • Over the past four decades the traditional art of leather tanning has been developed into a specialised custom-made chemical process for the unique challenges presented by ostrich leather.
  • I am not going to cover the use of kits, but the old ways of tanning your hides.
  • The first thing you need to do is to prepare your hides for tanning.


Example sentences
  • She is applying some sort of tannish cream to her calf.
  • Her skin is a sort of tannish color like toasted almonds, sort of.
  • Now, with a tiny brush, he smoothed a tannish, powdery substance across his cheekbones.


Late Old English tannian 'convert into leather', probably from medieval Latin tannare, perhaps of Celtic origin; reinforced in Middle English by Old French tanner. Early use of the noun (late Middle English) was sense 2 of the noun.

  • The original sense of tan is to convert skins into leather. The sense of the colour that the skin acquires after exposure to the sun dates only to the middle of the 18th century. Tan probably comes directly from Latin tannare, but may ultimately go back to a Celtic word for an oak tree. This reflects the process of tanning, whereby the crushed bark of an oak was steeped in water in which skins and hides were then immersed. Oak bark was used because it is rich in tannins (early 19th century), compounds which will tan. The related word tawny (Middle English) comes from Old French tauné, ‘tanned’.

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There are 2 main definitions of tan in English:

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tan 2

Pronunciation: /tan/


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