Definition of tautonym in English:


Syllabification: tau·to·nym
Pronunciation: /ˈtôdəˌnim


Botany & Zoology
1A scientific name in which the same word is used for both genus and species, for example Vulpes vulpes (the red fox).
More example sentences
  • In an attempt to gain acceptance for the use of duplicate binomials, MacMillan proposed the tautonym A. apios.
  • Bird names in which the genus and species are identical except for capitalisation are apparently called tautonyms.
  • There are 82 species of birds whose scientific names are tautonyms - that is, birds for which the two parts of the scientific name are the same.
1.1 Linguistics A word that designates different objects or concepts in different dialects (e.g., corn is wheat in England and oats in Scotland).
More example sentences
  • The name spinner both in Polish and in all its dialects occurs among numerous tautonyms or synonyms present in Polish or other Slavonic languages.



Pronunciation: /tôˈtänəmē/
More example sentences
  • Instead we should look to Speusippus' analysis of tautonymy and heteronymy and bypass eponymy altogether.
  • Castor fiber Linnaeus, 1758 is therefore the type species of Castor by Linnaean tautonymy.
  • The type of Amphidesma must, by tautonymy, be regarded as A. donailla.

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