Definition of ted in English:


Syllabification: ted

verb (teds, tedding, tedded)

[with object] (often as noun tedding)
Turn over and spread out (grass, hay, or straw) to dry or for bedding.
More example sentences
  • The forage was tedded twice daily and baled 3 days later at 87.3% DM using a conventional baler.
  • Do not ted hay that has dried to 50% moisture because that can increase dry matter losses and is not effective in increasing drying rate.
  • Too much tedding can shatter leaves of alfalfa or clover, lowering the quality of the hay.


Middle English: from Old Norse tethja 'spread manure' (past tense tadda), related to tad 'dung'.



More example sentences
  • Eastern gamagrass for the hay treatment (cut at the same time from the same area) was spread lightly over the stubble with a hay tedder to speed drying.
  • This ensures better results when using soil-engaging equipment, fertiliser spinners, yard scrapers, mowers, toppers, tedders etc.
  • When using a rotary tedder for windrowing keep the swath gates close to the width of the baler pick-up and drive at a slow forward speed.

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