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Syllabification: tomb
Pronunciation: /to͞om


1A large vault, typically an underground one, for burying the dead.
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  • It is England's oldest borough; Athelstan, the first king of England was initially buried here and his tomb remains in the abbey.
  • This is the town where Padro Pio spent most of his life and is buried in the tomb in the friary.
  • The shrine was once a beautiful golden palace but the years had worn away its natural beauty and now only some walls, statues and the underground tombs remained.
burial chamber, sepulcher, mausoleum, vault, crypt, catacomb;
last/final resting place, grave, barrow, burial mound
historical charnel house
1.1An enclosure for a corpse cut in the earth or in rock.
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  • Our junket included stops at the ruins of a Roman coliseum, a sulfur mud bath, and some ancient Lycean rock tombs - all sites inaccessible by car or bus.
  • It resembles the rock cut chambered tombs of the Mediterranean, though it is probably of local inspiration.
  • In 1923 Sir Flinders Petrie found another cache of fossils at Qua, wrapped in linen and carefully stored in rock tombs.
1.2A monument to the memory of a dead person, erected over their burial place.
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  • Her son Henry erected a tomb over her grave at Fontevraud.
  • In Egypt pyramids were used as monumental tombs, whereas in Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, and South America they were temple platforms.
  • Abera is now a worthy successor to his great predecessor, whose premature death in 1973 is marked by a monumental tomb in Addis Ababa.
1.3Used in similes and metaphors to refer to a place or situation that is extremely cold, quiet, or dark, or that forms a confining enclosure: the house was as quiet as a tomb
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  • The top of the house seems to go on forever, as dark and quiet as a tomb.
  • His footsteps were ten times louder when there was no other sound; no servants working or glass trinkets falling made the palace quieter than a tomb.
  • She's whipped the place into shape and everything's sparkly clean, not to mention the fact that the place is as quiet as a tomb, aside from the tapping of keyboards or phone ringing.
1.4 (the tomb) literary Death: none escape the tomb


Middle English: from Old French tombe, from late Latin tumba, from Greek tumbos.

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