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tower Syllabification: tow·er
Pronunciation: /ˈtou(ə)r/

Definition of tower in English:


1A tall narrow building, either freestanding or forming part of a building such as a church or castle.
Example sentences
  • Between them run narrow alleys affording breathtaking views over the roofscape and church towers of central Stockholm.
  • Higher buildings like church towers only have two traversable levels and much of the land is devoid of any low brush vegetation.
  • Churches, with high towers on buildings right in the centre of their community, are seen as ideal locations for the next generation of communication masts.
steeple, spire;
skyscraper, high-rise, edifice;
transmission tower
1.1 [with modifier] A tall structure that houses machinery, operators, etc.
Example sentences
  • The armed separatist group placed bombs on two high-tension electricity towers run by grid operator Red Electrica.
  • Due to a hill between the television tower and my house, I rely on Austar for TV reception.
  • Operators of wind towers will tend to want to build them in mountainous areas with high winds and along shorelines and thereby ruin some beautiful scenic vistas.
1.2 [with modifier] A tall structure used as a receptacle or for storage: a CD tower
More example sentences
  • Police searched his house on March 4 this year and a computer tower and storage media were found containing 95 images in total.
  • Her CD collection was arranged alphabetically in a tall CD tower, and she always kept her favorite ones of the moment on the top.
  • The tall grain tower was hardly anywhere near civilization.
1.3A tall pile or mass of something: a titanic tower of garbage
More example sentences
  • I'd gone to interview her in 1994 and found a copy of it in a second-hand bookstore in Exmouth, crawling around on the floor to explore the towers of books haphazardly piled there.
  • There are mini backlit towers of wine bottles stacked behind the bar, and each place is set with a spotless wineglass and crisp, white linens.
  • Invite the children to help you make a tower with the books and talk about favorite stories as you take the books out of the box.
1.4 (the Tower) see Tower of London.
2A place of defense; a protection.
Example sentences
  • Basic tools and pure muscle were used to construct everything from security towers to protective barriers fronted by razor wire.
  • Behind it, soaring for 70 metres into the sky, was the tower protecting the sanctum.
  • The tower was used to protect the palace during war.


[no object] Back to top  
1Rise to or reach a great height: he seemed to tower over everyone else
More example sentences
  • The group objected to the development's design and height, stating it would tower over the neighbourhood.
  • Tony towered over her, like he did while on the horse, like Fellini's women tower over him.
  • You wish you were wearing the boots with three-inch heels instead of the boots with one-inch heels so you could tower over him even more than you already do.
soar, rise, rear, loom;
overshadow, overhang, hang over, dominate
2(Of a bird) soar to a great height, especially (of a falcon) so as to be able to swoop down on the quarry.
Example sentences
  • The big ticket item was a US Air Force B1 Bomber, which towered over the surrounding displays like a massive bird of prey.


Old English torr, reinforced in Middle English by Old French tour, from Latin turris, from Greek.

  • This comes ultimately from Greek via Latin and French tour. The phrase tower of strength is from a use in the Book of Common Prayer: ‘O Lord…be unto them a tower of strength’ and originally meant ‘a strong tower’. A turret (Middle English), in Old French tourete, is a little tower.


tower of strength




Pronunciation: /ˈtourd/
(chiefly literary )
Example sentences
  • Ingeniously adapted to its rocky hilltop, its core is a high walled, strongly towered enclosure, protected by a succession of pits, drawbridges and gatehouses.
  • A white, towered and turreted building, it's not in the best of shape today but it still catches your attention.
  • In the center of the town is the bell towered church, with no remaining window glass and a sharp prairie breeze blowing right down the hallowed aisle.


( literary )

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