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Syllabification: tox·ic
Pronunciation: /ˈtäksik


  • 1Poisonous: the dumping of toxic waste alcohol is toxic to the ovaries
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    • Some waste materials that are highly poisonous are considered toxic wastes.
    • There weren't any chemical factories or toxic waste dumps or traffic, just a few goats and olive trees.
    • And yet it's a fine balance, because Vitamin A is also known to be a highly toxic chemical for the foetus.
  • 1.1Relating to or caused by poison: toxic hazards toxic liver injury
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    • Operations continued throughout the night with the first of two toxic hazard exercises getting emergency teams moving early.
    • Table 3 gives the relative acute toxic exposure hazards to the applicator of some of the more common pesticides.
    • He gave the medical cause of death as toxic injury caused by an unknown substance.
  • 1.2Very bad, unpleasant, or harmful: a toxic relationship
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    • A favorable aspect from Mars bestows the faith to let go of toxic situations and to seek new and exciting adventures.
    • In so many subtle ways, intimate relationships are today presented as toxic and harmful.
    • It's so important to forgive and move forward, because that's negativity and it's toxic to the body and to the mind.
  • 2 Finance Denoting or relating to debt that has a high risk of default.
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    • So a lot of people at risk here with these toxic loans which are really bad deals for consumers.
  • 2.1Denoting securities that are based on toxic debt and for which there is not a healthy or functioning market: the financial system has become clogged with toxic assets
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    • That's slowing him down as he races to clean up the toxic assets infecting the nation's top banks.
    • Who better to manage the "toxic assets" of a failed bank than professional bond fund managers?
    • These were designed to take away the uncertainty in interbank lending, the uncertainty whose cause was the existence of toxic assets on each others ' balance sheets.


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  • Poisonous substances.
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    • The GAO cited ‘significant data gaps’ in eight problem areas, including pesticides, air toxics, and aquatic ecosystem health.
    • No road can be engineered to collect all pathogens, trash, and toxics the road generates so that none of these materials enter adjacent waterways.
    • They made diesel engines that they knew would pollute, chugging out tons of toxics that cause everything from respiratory diseases to cancer.



Pronunciation: /-sik(ə)lē/
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  • This seed of psychological denial festered toxically when the New England entrepreneurs abandoned overseas trade and discovered manufacturing labor relations and factories at home.
  • He pulled himself from his room with all the enthusiasm of a pallbearer, irritation mixing toxically with his present self-hatred as he chased them lazily through the unit.
  • From within the amalgam, I was surprised to detect a hint of cigar smoke, a Black and Mild, and that scent whisked me quickly back to ballparks and football fields, where I had happily inhaled the toxically sweet fumes many times before.


Pronunciation: /täkˈsisitē/
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  • Doctors are often worried that patients who do not respond to chemotherapy will suffer unnecessary toxicity.
  • The value of gastric lavage depends on the amount, toxicity, and effect of the poison and the time since consumption.
  • The current British treatment guidelines advise that no toxicity in pregnant humans has been established.


mid 17th century: from medieval Latin toxicus 'poisoned', from Latin toxicum 'poison', from Greek toxikon (pharmakon) '(poison for) arrows', from toxon 'bow'.

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