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Syllabification: trance
Pronunciation: /trans


  • 1A half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium: she put him into a light trance
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    • What I do is enter a light trance state, and then attempt to use touch visualization to climb the rope out of my body.
    • This entity was supposed to be a manifestation or thought-form akin to the ectoplasm that is generated by mediums while in a trance state.
    • ‘Journeying’ isn't the same as attaining a trance state so you can work as a medium/oracle for example.
  • 1.1A state of abstraction: the kind of trance he went into whenever illness was discussed
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    • When I finally snapped out of my trance / ice cream fantasy, I willed myself to continue forward to the object of my quest.
    • Danielle snapped out of her trance of imagining construction workers dancing around while trying to wipe dirt out of their eyes.
    • A scream that broke him from his trance, from his imagination, and brought him running in the direction of the ballroom.
  • 1.2 (also trance music) A type of electronic dance music characterized by hypnotic rhythms and sounds.
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    • I usually listen to some kind of dance music or trance music or something that is upbeat and continuous.
    • Instead of the hip-hop junglist acid garage trance music that usually sounds from outside my window, all I can hear is the drumbeat of war.
    • It's important to note that these are not pop songs in any sense of the word - this is traditional trance music with an electric twist, and should be approached as such.


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  • Put into a trance: she’s been tranced and may need waking
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    • Her eyes gleamed when she spoke, almost trancing the other person.
    • She kept remembering the long look they had shared, and how easily she'd been tranced by those green eyes.
    • By the end of the show, a shaman will bring the tranced dancer back to normal by blowing air into the dancer's ear.



Pronunciation: /ˈtranstlē, ˈtransid-/
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  • In fact to have been trancedly singing ‘Dream onnnnnnnn…’ in the rain would have been magical.
  • After throwing the towel into a wicker hamper, she reclined trancedly upon her many-pillowed, lace-canopied bed with its matching swirled pillowcases and comforter.
  • The audience, which was either cowering in terror or singing along already (hey, what else.), also trancedly stood silent.


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  • Neither my daughter, Jane, nor my son, Lewis, look up, both absorbed in a music video, their vague, trance-like expressions bathed in glare from the screen.
  • Many people imagine hypnosis as a trance-like altered state of consciousness.
  • Just don't do the no-blink trance-like scare stare.


Middle English (originally as a verb in the sense 'be in a trance'): from Old French transir 'depart, fall into trance', from Latin transire 'go across'.

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