Definition of transit in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈtranzət/


1The carrying of people, goods, or materials from one place to another: a painting was damaged in transit
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  • They have been linked to nearly 3 million worth of robberies from cash in transit vans in recent years.
  • The ships carrying the materials have been in transit for some time and are due to arrive in the Irish Sea shortly.
  • There is also the issue of goods damaged in transit, during transportation from Mayo to Dublin or to the ports.
transportation, transport, movement, flow, conveyance, shipping, shipment, trucking, carriage, transfer
en route, on the journey, on the way, on the road
1.1An act of passing through or across a place: the first west-to-east transit of the Northwest Passage [as modifier]: a transit airline passenger
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  • The remaining 400,000 were transit - or stopover - passengers.
  • Those transit passengers are being subjected to more scrutiny, a more careful look being given specifically to their shoes and to their clothes and to their electronics.
  • One of the special features of the bus terminus is the pedestrian subway connecting all platforms, ensuring safe transit of passengers.
1.2North American The conveyance of passengers on public transportation.
Example sentences
  • So what precisely would be the difference between a search conducted to protect a library collection and a search to protect myself and my fellow passengers in the public transit system?
  • He also wants to ease the region's transportation problems by increasing lanes and improving public transit.
  • In fact I would say foot travel and public transit would be the main ‘losers’ to cycles as it would mainly be relatively short haul trippers who would be impacted.
transportation, transport, mass transit, bus system, subway system
1.3 Astronomy The passage of an inferior planet across the face of the sun, or of a moon or its shadow across the face of a planet.
Example sentences
  • Besides a couple of eclipses slated for May, sky watchers would witness transits of two planets over the disk of the Sun.
  • Over a mere five occurrences these transits of Venus had shifted from events of astronomical importance to a sideshow with mere curiosity value.
  • The transits of the Planet of Love happen in pairs, eight years apart every century.
1.4 Astronomy The apparent passage of a celestial body across the meridian of a place.
1.5 Astrology The passage of a celestial body through a specified sign, house, or area of a chart.
Example sentences
  • By the classical era the Sun's transit through the zodiac sign had taken precedence and Virgo became more directly perceived as a Maiden of fruition through the Harvest.
  • It seems to me like the awful transit of Saturn through Cancer brings much trouble in areas like the home, family, terminal periods of life, health and care, real estate - you know it well.
  • In the same period transit Saturn in Taurus was making two passes over natal Pluto.
2 informal (in full transit theodolite) A tool used by surveyors to measure horizontal angles.
Example sentences
  • The pros use a surveying tool called a transit for leveling work like this.
  • As they began setting it up she recognised it as surveying tools - transit and pole and chain.
  • For many years, the optical transit was the surveyor's tool of choice to lay out property lines and building sites.

verb (transits, transiting, transited)

[with object]
1Pass across or through (an area): the new large ships will be too big to transit the Panama Canal
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  • No recreational or commercial fishing is allowed, or diving or snorkeling, and vessels transiting the area must stow fishing gear.
  • Arnold also had to battle geographic commanders who tried to hijack command of assets when they transited their specific areas.
  • The old man was transiting the Atlantic by ship.
1.1 Astronomy (Of a planet or other celestial body) pass across (a meridian or the face of another body).
Example sentences
  • When the planet transits the star, it blocks a small amount of the star's light; it's essentially a miniature solar eclipse.
  • People won't really see a planet transiting the Sun.
  • Mercury and Venus are the only planets that orbit closer to the Sun than the Earth, so they are the only planets that can transit the Sun.
1.2 Astrology (Of a celestial body) pass across (a specified sign, house, or area of a chart).
Example sentences
  • When Saturn transits the sign of karka or cancer and again when it crosses scorpio or vrischik, the individual will experience the panoti or adhayia of Saturn.
  • Saturn transits each sign in about 29.5 months and crosses three signs in about 7 and a half years, hence the reference to sadesati.
  • Of course, there's a saying that when Jupiter transits three signs in a year, there will be lots of floods - and aren't we having that!


Late Middle English (denoting passage from one place to another): from Latin transitus, from transire 'go across'.

  • Transit initially meant ‘passage from one place to another’. It is from Latin transire ‘go across’. The grammatical term transitive (late 16th century) for verbs that ‘go across’ to an object is from the same source, as are trance (Middle English), and transient (Late Middle English).

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