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transpose Syllabification: trans·pose
Pronunciation: /tranˈspōz/

Definition of transpose in English:


[with object]
1Cause (two or more things) to change places with each other: the captions describing the two state flowers were accidentally transposed
More example sentences
  • When I tracked down Robyn's correct number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed the last two digits.
  • About ten days later, I got a message from him on my answering machine. ‘They had transposed two of the numbers on your license plate.’
  • How often have you been typing something, and you accidentally transposed two different letters?
interchange, exchange, switch, swap (around), reverse, invert, flip
2Transfer to a different place or context: the problems of civilization are transposed into a rustic setting
More example sentences
  • It embraced the themes of freedom and individuality and transposed them onto an urban, man-made context.
  • Of course, Durkheim did not directly transpose this rather slighting view of economic pursuits from the context of preliterate, tribal existence to that of more advanced societies.
  • The challenge remains, however, to transpose stories composed within an ancient context so that they are relevant in a modern one.
transfer, shift, relocate, transplant, move, displace
2.1Write or play (music) in a different key from the original: the basses are transposed down an octave
More example sentences
  • Traditionally a British brass instrument, she has had to learn how to transpose music for the horn, expanding her musical knowledge beyond what she may have anticipated.
  • It was probably done when the RCM parts were transposed down a fifth from the pitch still reproduced in the Durham organ part.
  • I haven't checked to see if any part has been transposed down, but it's immaterial, because one can take a 10-minute rest, then ‘splice in’ the most strenuous phrase.
2.2 Mathematics Transfer (a term), with its sign changed, to the other side of an equation.
Example sentences
  • On the other hand, if adjacent digits and are transposed, the transposition will go undetected when multiplied by the difference between their weights is a multiple of.


Mathematics Back to top  
A matrix obtained from a given matrix by interchanging each row and the corresponding column.
Example sentences
  • The superscript denotes the transpose of a vector or a matrix.
  • To obtain the transpose of a matrix, the rows of the matrix become the columns and vice versa.
  • A' is the transpose matrix of A, in which rows of A are changed into columns of A'.


Pronunciation: /tran(t)ˈspōzəb(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • Those of us who confess to a Whig disposition subconsciously cling to the belief that change and progress are transposable concepts.
  • The sequence alterations caused by RIP and gene conversion can obscure the evolutionary history of transposable elements.
  • The analyses of the distribution of transposable elements have shown practically as many different patterns as the number of studied elements.
Pronunciation: /tran(t)ˈspōz(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • In this request, the Commission questioned the transposal of the Directive into Spanish law and its implementation.
  • Passengers on trains that need to go via Flinders Street first are most at risk of transposals.
  • The Czech Republic and Ireland have not yet communicated the measures for the transposal of this Directive into their national law.
Example sentences
  • It was designed as a real-time instrument with six effects of its own, including transposer, accumulator, exaggerator, lo/hi filter and tracer.
  • This new music transposer and educational tool is designed to enhance students' mastery of music theory.
  • Both digital and analog transmitters and transposers can be remotely monitored and controlled.


Late Middle English (also in the sense 'transform, convert'): from Old French transposer, from trans- 'across' + poser 'to place'.

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