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tree Syllabification: tree

Definition of tree in English:


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1A woody perennial plant, typically having a single stem or trunk growing to a considerable height and bearing lateral branches at some distance from the ground. Compare with shrub1.
Example sentences
  • At the same time, branch-cutting was encouraged to get the tree to grow a single, main trunk.
  • He wrapped his wings around himself and then leaned back against the trunk of the tree, watching the ground beneath him.
  • Unlike many plants that grow in trees, epiphytic orchids are not parasites and don't harm the plants on which they grow.
1.1(In general use) any bush, shrub, or herbaceous plant with a tall erect stem, e.g., a banana plant.
2A wooden structure or part of a structure.
2.1 archaic or literary The cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified.
2.2 archaic A gallows or gibbet.
3A thing that has a branching structure resembling that of a tree.
Example sentences
  • Both structure-based trees are moderately resolved with very short internal branches.
  • It would be interesting to get data on how widespread the practice of parallel source code trees is outside the Linux project.
  • As you build up the GUI, the design tree reflects the widget hierarchy.
3.1 (also tree diagram) A diagram with a structure of branching connecting lines, representing different processes and relationships.
Example sentences
  • It is famously understood that Darwin used a tree diagram to represent evolutionary relationships.
  • It gets a bit clumsy showing the generational relationships with brackets - a tree diagram gives a clearer picture as the generations continue.
  • This growth pattern tends to make the tableau look like a tree diagram or organizational chart.

verb (trees, treeing, treed)

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1North American Force (a hunted animal) to take refuge in a tree.
Example sentences
  • Last week residents of midtown Palo Alto, California, were warned of a cougar on the prowl in their neighborhood, where another big cat was treed and shot last May.
  • But when you finally drag yourself up to where the lion is treed, it's a spectacular sight.
  • Hunting dogs have an easier time treeing a raccoon than forcing it out of a burrow.
1.1 informal , chiefly US Force (someone) into a difficult situation.
Example sentences
  • Then the original cat treed him up the kitchen chair.
  • I want that filthy vamp found, treed, and worried to bits!
2 (as adjective treed) (Of an area) planted with trees: sparsely treed grasslands
More example sentences
  • The view seems idyllic - a broad expanse of glistening lake under a big blue sky, surrounded by treed shoreline.
  • On a wide coastal plain, a broad river with sparsely treed grasslands on either side meandered towards the foothills.
  • The property itself is very well treed providing a lovely haven for our feathered friends.


Old English trēow, trēo: from a Germanic variant of an Indo-European root shared by Greek doru 'wood, spear', drus 'oak'.

  • tray from Old English:

    Late Old English trīg is from the Germanic base of tree (Old English). The primary sense may have been ‘wooden container’. Trough (Old English) had a primary meaning of ‘wooden vessel’ and is related. The notion of a downturn on a graph or similar representation dates from the late 19th century in meteorology, the early 20th century in economics, and generally (peaks and troughs) from the 1930s.


out of one's tree

informal Completely stupid; insane.
Example sentences
  • Be prepared to be bored out of your tree for three whole hours.
  • They get bored out of their tree and they have nowhere to go.
  • There he was, completely out of his tree, looking like he'd been dragged through a sewer.

up a tree

informal , chiefly North American In a difficult situation without escape; cornered.
Example sentences
  • My favorite explanation of the three-act structure is this: In the first act, you get your hero up a tree.



Example sentences
  • The town sits on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert to the north, and the vast, treeless plains of the arid Nullabor Plains to the east.
  • Trapped between the Wind Rivers, Gros Ventre and Wyoming mountain ranges, the upper Green River Basin is a desolate, treeless expanse twice the elevation of Snoqualmie Pass.
  • The alternative was being housed in evacuee accommodation of the type we saw on the way back to Kiev, a 10-storey structure in the middle of a treeless, desolate field.


Example sentences
  • Through the window of treelessness, the sunset is paralysing, a fireball sinking into rolling hills.
  • But as for the cons, the treelessness is only in some places and that's because this is part of the prairie states.
  • Other hypothesized explanations for treelessness have included both soil moisture limitations or excessive soil moisture.


Example sentences
  • These tree-like creatures, agonizingly slow and covered with mossy bark, nursed themselves on tales of past glory while their numbers dwindled in their isolation.
  • Its 45-inch pallav had beautiful tree-like motifs.
  • The firm also said that with tree-like masts, the actual antennae for sending signals had to be placed five metres below the top of the mast, and that would have made it pointless installing a mast at that location.

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