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Pronunciation: /təb/


1A wide, open, deep, typically round container with a flat bottom used for holding liquids, growing plants, etc. hydrangeas in a patio tub
More example sentences
  • The ones previously planted out into a tub are really growing well; the ones in the cold frame are still little.
  • Planted in a deep tub, within a couple of seasons it will reach for the sky and festoon your railings with its sweet scented flowers.
  • There are lots of summer flowering patio plants, garden flowers, trees, shrubs and all kinds of rose bushes, herbaceous plants, baskets, tubs and ceramic containers.
container, barrel, cask, drum, keg
1.1A small round plastic or cardboard container with a flat bottom in which food is bought or stored: a margarine tub
More example sentences
  • I've mentioned that the modern packaging has the petits suisses stored in little plastic tubs, but you have probably noticed it is not the case on the picture above.
  • Polypropylene plastics are used in margarine tubs, sour cream containers, ketchup bottles and other food containers.
  • As part of their recycling efforts, Susannah and her young family separated all the glass and plastic bottles and plastic tubs into the green box.
container, carton, cup
1.2The contents of a tub or the amount it can contain: she ate a tub of yogurt
More example sentences
  • There are hot dogs, burgers, salads and dips - many of which are made with packet soup whisked into a tub of sour cream with some herbs.
  • You get a separate tray full of salad and a tub of chilli sauce.
  • This was accompanied by a small, warm baguette and a tub of butter.
1.3A washtub.
Example sentences
  • Baths were taken in tubs and emptied after use on shrubs in the courtyard.
  • Emily was sitting on a chair, next to the washtub, talking to Hannah, who was kneeling at the tub helping a girl bath.
  • I started to unbutton my jacket as she stoked the fire around the tub of bath water.
1.4 informal, chiefly North American A bathtub.
Example sentences
  • John said, " I'm going to fill the hot tub.
  • One of the few luxuries her room had was the sunken bath tub.
  • I drain the tub and run the shower, get him rinsed… finally.
hot tub
trademark Jacuzzi
1.5 Mining A container for conveying ore, coal, etc.
Example sentences
  • The horse gin was a horse-driven winding machine used to raise coal in tubs or baskets.
  • He defined it as the number placed by the miner on the tubs of coal filled.
  • We saw a model of a woman pulling a tub full of coal along a tunnel while a child aged about six worked as a trapper, opening and shutting air doors to allow air to circulate along the roadways.
2 informal An old, awkward, or run-down vessel.
Example sentences
  • You'd think they would be wise and paint their boats, but they pick out the worst old tubs for their rum ships.
  • The old tub, carrying a load of oil pregnant with toxins and separated from the sea by a single layer of metal, should never have been allowed to leave the Baltic Sea.
  • I decided to check out this new boat even though I was looking forward to travelling the 2 hours on the old tub just like the old days.

verb (tubs, tubbed, tubbing)

[with object]
1 (usually as adjective tubbed) Plant in a tub: tubbed fruit trees
More example sentences
  • This is now the pre-packing hub for all the company's tubbed butter markets as well as the foil pre-packing facility for France, Benelux and southern Europe.
  • Sales of the tubbed butter grew by more than 40% on last year.
  • A tubbed specimen of miscanthus may be only half the size of an in-ground plant, yet it can serve a similar purpose.
2 dated Wash or bathe (someone or something) in or as in a tub or bath.
Example sentences
  • The feet can be tubbed and cold hosed during the first few hours to reduce inflammation.
2.1 [no object] British informal Take a bath.



( informal)


Pronunciation: /ˈtəbˌfo͝ol/
noun (plural tubfuls)
Example sentences
  • It would be very easy for him to do that, probably for a tubful of money.
  • Blondie piped up cheerfully as he passed by with a tubful of glasses and bottles.
  • When you're ready for your bath, strain the milk and add it to a tubful of warm water.


Middle English: probably of Low German or Dutch origin; compare with Middle Low German and Middle Dutch tubbe.

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