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Syllabification: twin
Pronunciation: /twin


1One of two children or animals born at the same birth.
More example sentences
  • Nearly 10,000 multiple births were recorded last year in the UK, and one in 35 children is now born as a twin, while triplet births have quadrupled in many countries.
  • A mother had to be flown to a Norwich hospital to give birth to identical twins because there were not enough incubators at Southend's premature baby unit.
  • Now, tell me if you think I am wrong, but, if it wasn't for the fact that Cameron is nearly a decade older, they look like identical twins separated at birth!
1.1A person or thing that is exactly like another: there was a bruise on his cheek, a twin to the one on mine
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  • The recently launched Mercedes S-class could be a twin to BMW's 7-series.
  • Her shrieking, wailing voice was the whisper of mortality piercing the ears like the banshee's own call, a twin to the driving terror that pierced the mind.
  • He could have just been a twin to the smaller man.
duplicate, double, carbon copy, exact likeness, mirror image, replica, look-alike, doppelgänger, clone; counterpart, match, pair
1.2 (the Twins) The zodiacal sign or constellation Gemini.
2Something containing or consisting of two matching or corresponding parts, in particular.
2.1A twin-bedded room.
More example sentences
  • This price is based on two people sharing a twin / double bedded room on a bed and breakfast basis and dates offered start in May and go through to October.
  • My room, a twin, is plainly furnished but very nice.
  • With the exception of suites, all two-bedded rooms are twins.
2.2A twin-engined aircraft.
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  • As the world's first dedicated multi trainer, the Apache helped teach America's future airline pilots to fly twins.
  • It may come as a surprise, but not all twins are high-performance airplanes.
  • Here are some critical situations that you should be familiar with and practice regularly to become competent flying twins.
2.3A twinned crystal.
More example sentences
  • Among the twinned crystals, Baveno twins are more common than Manebach.
  • The original cordierite crystals were sixling twins that give the pseudomorphs a flower-shaped cross section.
  • It occurs as small, white single crystals or twins densely covering matrix.


[attributive] Back to top  
1Forming, or being one of, a pair born at one birth: she gave birth to twin boys her twin sister
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  • Witnesses say they saw nothing-just a little boy and his twin sister playing at the sand part of the park while many other children ran around, screaming.
  • Ailsa looked down at her older twin sisters and the boy who was with them.
  • Gavin caught up utterly out of breath and he gave a look of complete gratitude to the twin sisters.
1.1Forming a matching, complementary, or closely connected pair: the twin problems of economic failure and social disintegration
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  • As it was, its thick grey walls and twin turrets gave it a look of defensibility, as though it were here despite the quiescent malice of the forest.
  • Since independence, the twin forces of economic development and population growth have literally bulldozed their way through the city's greenery.
  • Who in the world would we rather have as allies and fellow travellers in pursuing the twin challenges of economic performance and social justice?
matching, identical, matched, pairedtwofold, double, dual; related, linked, connected; corresponding, parallel, complementary, equivalent
1.2 Botany Growing in pairs: twin seed leaves
1.3(Of a bedroom) containing two single beds.
More example sentences
  • There is a choice of single or twin rooms, and every bedroom is en-suite.
  • The attic is converted to offer two more bedrooms, both twin rooms with solid timber floors.
  • She will have a twin room for single use as well as breakfast and her evening meal.
1.4(Of a crystal) twinned.
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  • Continuing on your tour you see a 70-cm-high giant twin calcite crystal from Siberia that gives off an amber glow in sunlight.

verb (twins, twinning, twinned)

[with object] (usually be twinned) Back to top  
Link; combine: the company twinned its core business of brewing with that of distilling
More example sentences
  • His best-selling dish twins pepper shrimp with a rum and ginger sauce.
  • In habitually using the term ‘nation-state’ to describe our collective status, we assume these two entities to be indissolubly twinned.
  • The two groups were twinned back in 1998 as part of a Co-Operation Ireland initiative.
combine, join, link, couple, pair


late Old English twinn 'double', from twi- 'two'; related to Old Norse tvinnr. Current verb senses date from late Middle English.

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