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Syllabification: twitch
Pronunciation: /twiCH


  • 1Give or cause to give a short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement: [no object]: he saw her lips twitch and her eyelids flutter [with object]: the dog twitched his ears
    More example sentences
    • Winthrop gives me an apologetic look, though a corner of his mouth is slightly twitching in amusement.
    • Casey felt her heart shudder and her lips twitch upwards into a smile.
    • All he noticed was Paul's eyebrow twitching upward at the reaction.
    jerk, convulse, have a spasm, quiver, tremble, shiver, shudder
  • 1.1 [with object] Cause to move in a specified direction by giving a sharp pull: he twitched a cigarette out of a packet
    More example sentences
    • I twitched the rod back.
    • Mallory twitched the tag again, careful not to move it too much.
    • I can just see him sitting down to his tea and not being able to pick up his cutlery without twitching his knife and fork backwards and forwards in a rowing motion.
  • 2 [with object] Apply a sudden pull or jerk to (a horse).
    More example sentences
    • Griffin nodded his assent, and twitched Kiwen's reins to turn him.
    • When he reached the end of the row he twitched the reins to bring the shen around and start back up the next row.
    • War twitched her reins slightly as Archer arched her neck and pranced delicately on the spot.


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  • 1A short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement: his mouth gave a slight twitch
    More example sentences
    • If hyponatremia develops rapidly, muscular twitches, irritability and convulsions can occur.
    • My attention was focused on his body, waiting for the first twitch of movement.
    • Other than a slight twitch of her head, she made no motion to stop him.
    spasm, convulsion, quiver, tremor, shiver, shudder, small movement; tic
  • 1.1A sudden pull or jerk: he gave a twitch at his mustache
    More example sentences
    • She made a little twitch of a finger, and Jeff finally locked the tracer.
    • It's like sitting on a river bank with a fishing rod, anticipating the slightest twitch from beneath the water.
    • With a twitch of his hand, he cast them onto the table.
  • 1.2A sudden sharp sensation; a pang: he felt a twitch of annoyance
    More example sentences
    • In the eerie silence, Sanura felt a twitch of hunger.
    • I felt a twitch of pain on my stomach and then I remember what happened.
    • I asked and attempted to sit on the bed, but I felt a twitch of pain on my body and Irrazé pushed me back onto the bed.
    pang, twinge, dart, stab, prick
  • 2A stick with a small noose attached to one end. The noose may be twisted around the upper lip or the ear of a horse to subdue it, especially during veterinary procedures.
    More example sentences
    • Others have resorted to twitches, blindfolds and tying up a front leg.
    • Bob calmly grabbed the stallion's halter, led him into the corner of the stall, placed a twitch around his nose and proceeded to treat him.


Middle English: of Germanic origin; related to Old English twiccian 'to pluck, pull sharply'.

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