Definition of uncommunicative in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌənkəˈmyo͞onəkədiv/


1(Of a person) unwilling to talk or impart information.
Example sentences
  • Tolerance of long waiting times, lack of information, uncommunicative staff, and failures to seek patients' views and take account of their preferences is wearing thin.
  • And if Namibians themselves are irritated, then imagine the impressions of the visitor or tourist who almost always meets an unfriendly and uncommunicative face?
  • Duncan, a precocious, affectionate child, had failed to live up to his academic potential, and had become withdrawn and uncommunicative.
taciturn, quiet, unforthcoming, reserved, reticent, laconic, tongue-tied, mute, silent, tight-lipped, close-mouthed;
guarded, secretive, close, private;
distant, remote, aloof, curt, withdrawn, unsociable, farouche
informal mum, standoffish
1.1(Of something such as writing or art) not conveying much or any meaning or sense.
Example sentences
  • Further, an emphasis on socially engaged work makes it all too easy to excuse visual tedium, poor curatorial focus, or uncommunicative art as markers of an exhibition's authenticity.
  • In an interview with the New York Times, Richter says he chose this painting for dissection precisely because it was ‘close to being uncommunicative.’
  • But there is something unfulfilled about this intermittently sparkly but ultimately uncommunicative work.



Pronunciation: /ˌənkəˈmyo͞onəˌkādivlē/ /ˌənkəˈmyo͞onəkədivlē/
Example sentences
  • His work with Gray opened up the possibility of playing the self-destructive and chaotic, without ever allowing them to slip into something uncommunicatively self-pitying.
  • Neither of us said anything, and Brixton was uncommunicatively engaged in reading a railroad report.
  • However Hasselhoff is allowed to grunt uncommunicatively at them via a telephone as often as he likes.


Pronunciation: /ˌənkəˈmyo͞onəˌkādivnis/ /ˌənkəˈmyo͞onəkədivnis/
Example sentences
  • The majority of the patients experienced a significant improvement in the areas of hostility, uncommunicativeness, uncooperativeness, and repetitive behavior.
  • It seems unlikely that overnight my son has developed the male propensity for uncommunicativeness.
  • Another character in the film, He Zhiuru, takes uncommunicativeness to the ultimate level; he has been mute since age five.
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