Definition of undefined in English:


Syllabification: un·de·fined
Pronunciation: /ˌəndəˈfīnd


Not clear or defined: undefined areas of jurisdiction he felt an undefined longing
More example sentences
  • How vague and indistinct and undefined the ideas of most men are upon the subject!
  • They can latch onto a rhetoric of ‘social justice,’ ever vague and undefined.
  • In this latest reply, however, you seem to be shifting the definition a bit to make it more vague and undefined.
unspecified, unexplained, unspecific, indeterminate, unsettled;
unclear, woolly, imprecise, inexact, indefinite, vague, fuzzy
indistinct, indefinite, formless, indistinguishable, vague, amorphous, hazy, misty, shadowy, nebulous, blurred, blurry



Pronunciation: /-ˈfīnəbəl/
More example sentences
  • In both traditions it is undefinable and unexplainable, elusive, frustratingly near and far, always so close yet just outside intellect's reach.
  • The best journalists are often those who bring the undefinable, the intangible, to their work.
  • While they haven't completely gone in a new direction, their sound just continues to evolve in an increasingly complex, and previously undefinable way.


Pronunciation: /-ˈfīnəblē/
More example sentences
  • Overall, there's an undefinably exotic texture that seems somehow strange and familiar at the same time.
  • The fish was fresh, but there was something undefinably wrong with the rice, and all the sushi was just shoddily made.
  • Any one paragraph of its output could be mistaken for human, but there was something undefinably strange about it; he could tell what the computer was arguing, but not why.

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