Definition of undergo in English:


Syllabification: un·der·go
Pronunciation: /ˌəndərˈɡō

verb (undergoes, undergoing; past underwent; past participle undergone)

[with object]
Experience or be subjected to (something, typically something unpleasant, painful, or arduous): the baby underwent a life-saving brain operation
More example sentences
  • Stella undergoes a traumatic experience and must deal with the aftermath.
  • He probably typifies the early skeptic who then undergoes a conversion experience.
  • Four months later he underwent the life-saving surgery at Wythenshawe Hospital.
go through, experience, undertake, face, submit to, be subjected to, come in for, receive, sustain, endure, brave, bear, tolerate, stand, withstand, weather


Old English undergān 'undermine' (see under-, go1).

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