Definition of uneven in English:


Syllabification: un·e·ven
Pronunciation: /ˌənˈēvən


1Not level or smooth: the floors are cracked and uneven
More example sentences
  • The teams were given just an hour-and-a-half to design and build a vehicle to carry astronauts and their equipment over the rough and uneven surface of the moon.
  • I can confirm the road surface in Southborough Lane definitely needed resurfacing in this area as it had very large potholes and an uneven surface.
  • The report did say that uneven road surfaces and potholes were quite dangerous and showed an inconsistency with the town centre.
bumpy, rough, lumpy, stony, rocky, rugged, potholed, rutted, pitted, jagged
1.1Not regular, consistent, or equal: the uneven distribution of resources
More example sentences
  • Many soils have an uneven distribution of resources owing to fertilizer applications and the periodic saturation of topsoil with rainwater.
  • The ethnic and religious strife is really a matter of an uneven distribution of economic resources and opportunities.
  • Some would say this does not address the very uneven distribution of resources.
1.2(Of a contest) not equally balanced: Fran struggled briefly but soon gave up the uneven contest
More example sentences
  • But if it was merely an issue of community pride in an uneven contest why was no pressure exerted on the incumbent to step down?
  • The United States versus Brazil is a most uneven contest, and the smart money will not be betting on Lula.
  • This was an uneven contest with the Dunlavin girls showing superior skill and teamwork.


Old English unefen 'not corresponding exactly' (see un-1, even1).



More example sentences
  • Like many other countries, wealth is unevenly distributed in Jamaica.
  • Opportunities were still unevenly spread around the country, he warned.
  • The whole affair is a punitive measure which operates most unevenly.


More example sentences
  • There is, as so often with this company, a distinct unevenness in the casting.
  • There is unevenness across the different companies.
  • Despite the unevenness of quality, however, this comes across as one smart little show.

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