Definition of unfold in English:


Syllabification: un·fold
Pronunciation: /ˌənˈfōld


1Open or spread out from a folded position: [with object]: he unfolded the map and laid it out on the table [no object]: the white flowers were just starting to unfold
More example sentences
  • It's very important to condition your horse to the sound of rattling paper as you fold and unfold the map.
  • The singing ceased as the child was given a task, and she carefully unfolded the map and spread it out above the top of Dom's head.
  • Ted unfolded the map and spread it out across the hood of my car.
open out, spread out, flatten, straighten out, unroll, unfurl
1.1 [with object] Reveal or disclose (thoughts or information): Miss Eva unfolded her secret exploits to Mattie
More example sentences
  • The efficiency of the architect lies in unfolding the unexplainable details.
  • The plot of the play centres around the Doyle Family and many revelations are unfolded as the play unfolds its riveting story.
  • A poet's life compressed into this book unfolds ideas both minute and complex.
1.2 [no object] (Of information or a sequence of events) be revealed or disclosed: there was a fascinating scene unfolding before me
More example sentences
  • As the plot develops you realize that as many of the events unfold, it is not clear which of them occur naturally and which are engineered by the people that govern.
  • When we come back, we'll get the latest from our reporters watching the parade of events unfolding in Iraq.
  • Yesterday a tragedy unfolded, a tragic event that could have been avoided, one that led to the unfortunate loss of life.
develop, evolve, happen, take place, occur, transpire, progress, play out



More example sentences
  • It is an experiential path, not a dogma, so your experience in answering questions will help your own spiritual unfoldment.
  • It is good to love and respect all religions; that is a necessary condition of individual spiritual unfoldment.
  • Performing religious practices at the same time each day is the key to steady unfoldment on the spiritual path


Old English unfealdan (see un-2, fold1).

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