Definition of unprotected in English:


Syllabification: un·pro·tect·ed
Pronunciation: /ˌənprəˈtektəd


1Not protected or kept safe from harm or injury: a high, unprotected plateau health care workers remained unprotected against hepatitis B infection
More example sentences
  • The elves were unarmed and unprotected against the men, who appeared to bear the battle marks that the men of Orslic had worn during the War of Boundaries.
  • Nearly half the homes here have been levelled leaving survivors unprotected against the soaring heat of the day and near-freezing mountain temperatures at night.
  • Anger is her only emotional resource in conflict and it leaves her totally unprotected against other people and herself most of all.
1.1(Of a dangerous machine or mechanism) not fitted with safety guards.
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  • People working in heavy industry are also exposed to risk from chemicals and unprotected machinery.
  • Thieves can easily escape with their costly alloy wheels and premium radial tyres, which are unprotected.
  • Poor internal wiring, unprotected electrical connections between the parts may lead to electrocution if the toasters is opened for repairs while the current is on.
1.2(Of sex) engaged in without a condom.
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  • This was followed by assessment of intentions, thoughts, and attitudes about engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse with the woman in the film.
  • Finally, engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse puts women at risk not only for STDs including HIV but also for unintended pregnancy.
  • The most obvious measure of sexual risk taking - frequency of unprotected sexual intercourse - correlated with SIS2.
1.3 Computing (Of data or a memory location) able to be accessed or used without restriction.
More example sentences
  • At some point, while poking around on that server, he found an unprotected file containing encrypted passwords.
  • The effect on unprotected sites can be devastating.
  • Those tracks are unprotected in order to allow the CD to be played on video game systems and DVD players.

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