Definition of unrealistic in English:


Syllabification: un·re·al·is·tic
Pronunciation: /ˌənˌrēəˈlistik


Not realistic: it was unrealistic to expect changes to be made overnight
More example sentences
  • It can, admittedly, be hard to distinguish between being idealistic and being unrealistic.
  • He said it was unrealistic to expect tempers not to flare, given the sporting history between the two schools.
  • I suppose good parents strive for perfection, which is unrealistic and unnecessary.
impractical, impracticable, unfeasible, nonviable;
unreasonable, irrational, illogical, senseless, silly, foolish, fanciful, idealistic, quixotic, romantic, starry-eyed, blue-sky, pie in the sky
chiefly British informal airy-fairy
unlifelike, nonrealistic, unnatural, nonrepresentational, abstract;
unbelievable, implausible



More example sentences
  • But it strikes me as hypocrisy that the market is allowed to become unrealistically overbought, but has to be slapped back into line when it is, reputedly, critically oversold.
  • Characters were only permitted to speak in an unrealistically prim fashion, bare flesh was out of the question and certain political or sexual themes were completely taboo.
  • While the movement is unrealistically static in the hospital scenes, the ‘memory’ sequences are wonderfully effective.

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