Definition of unsophisticated in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌənsəˈfistəˌkādəd/


1Lacking refined worldly knowledge or tastes.
Example sentences
  • One line of defense is likely to be that while these deals may sound fictitious and fraudulent to unsophisticated outsiders, they are actually standard transactions in high finance.
  • He must play Coffey as simple and unsophisticated, but yet intelligent and perceptive in a delicate balancing act.
  • However wicked this case is, he is still a young, unsophisticated and immature man.
unworldly, naive, unrefined, simple, innocent, ignorant, green, immature, callow, inexperienced, childlike, artless, guileless, ingenuous, natural, unaffected, unassuming, unpretentious
informal bridge-and-tunnel, country-fried, cheesy
1.1Not complicated or highly developed; basic: unsophisticated computer software
More example sentences
  • In July 1995 WB started its search to replace its existing unsophisticated computer system.
  • With such unsophisticated software, you are running the risk of weak security.
  • So, I think the other lesson is that with the science as unsophisticated and as crude as it is today - and for at least the future I can foresee - it's nurture that matters so much.
simple, crude, low-tech, basic, rudimentary, primitive, rough and ready, homespun, bush-league;
straightforward, uncomplicated, uninvolved
1.2Not artificial: the village has remained unspoiled and unsophisticated
More example sentences
  • The island itself is the most remote inhabited island on earth and is totally unspoiled and unsophisticated.
  • This secluded and unsophisticated beachside hamlet has a seasonal shop and Dorset coastal scenery is all around in the ownership of the National Trust.
  • The beautiful and tranquil environment has given birth to a rustic and unsophisticated folk atmosphere, which can be seen in the old boatmen, the women washing clothes in the river and the children playing with dogs.



Example sentences
  • It sounds so unrealistically, unsophisticatedly direct - so lacking in politesse and not something that is actually done in the real world.
  • They show how unsophisticatedly children of this age understand history, how fantasy and reality intermingle in their imaginations.
  • The voices were unsophisticatedly recorded with the sole backing of their own violões and a metronome, and the arrangements were added later in the studio.


Example sentences
  • While most people will find the unsophisticatedness of the film endearing, it actually works against the movie.
  • The algorithm is, however, not practical because of its low precision and algorithmic unsophisticatedness.
  • One of the things we've talked about is the relative unsophisticatedness of the basic DWing passing system, and you're right, it could have caused some blind spots in the preparation of those teams.


Pronunciation: /-ˌfistiˈkāSHən/
Example sentences
  • Joe Boyd, defending, said Mason's offending bore the hallmarks of unsophistication.
  • His pained expression implies childlike insecurity, his shambling unsophistication contrasting with the intensity of the competition.
  • It is not ignorance or unsophistication that has led most democracies to either two-party systems which lock out minority views or parliamentary systems which encourage strategic voting.

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Syllabification: un·so·phis·ti·cat·ed

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