Definition of unused in English:


Syllabification: un·used


1 /ˌənˈyo͞ozd/ Not being, or never having been, used: any unused equipment will be welcomed back
More example sentences
  • The £250,000 project will recondition unused side loading equipment at the port.
  • They are urging people with unused tools and woodwork equipment sitting idle in garages and around the house to donate them.
  • It is maiden also when it is still in its original, unused, untouched or unexplored condition.
unutilized, unemployed, unexploited, spare, surplus; left over, extra, untouched, remaining, uneaten, unopened, unconsumed, unneeded, not required, not in service
2 /ˌənˈyo͞ost/ [predicative] (unused to) Not familiar with or accustomed to something: unused to spicy food, she took a long mouthful of water
More example sentences
  • It came as no surprise that she was unused to being around so many strangers at once.
  • It was a challenge not only to get it into the form (meter and rhyme), but I was unused to writing about such concrete subject matter.

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