Definition of usable in English:


Syllabification: us·a·ble
Pronunciation: /ˈyo͞ozəb(ə)l
(also useable)


Able or fit to be used: usable information
More example sentences
  • Despite its age, the Dakota's airframe is in excellent condition and the useable parts of its engines have been sent to America for overhaul.
  • There are no usable service huts along the route and you must carry a tent along.
  • Joel noted that the ship's computers did not seem to be in a useable condition.
ready/fit for use, able to be used, at someone's disposal, disposable;
working, in working order, functioning, functional, serviceable, operational, up and running, accessible



Pronunciation: /ˌyo͞ozəˈbilətē/
More example sentences
  • In other areas of design, a noticeable attractiveness is thought to be relevant as well as usefulness and usability.
  • We are thanked routinely by our supporters for the clarity and useability of the information we provide.
  • We're always interested in hearing your suggestions for other design changes to improve legibility and usability.

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