There are 3 main definitions of V in English:

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V 1

Syllabification: V
(also v)

noun (plural Vs or V's)

1The twenty-second letter of the alphabet.
Example sentences
  • The letter V has been assigned the number 4 in numerology.
  • List every girl's name that you can think of that begins with the letter V.
  • What are some adjectives that begins with V?
1.1Denoting the next after U in a set of items, categories, etc.
Example sentences
  • Initially all triangles are placed in set V.
  • If a site has been identified as falling into Category V, this will become apparent when a title search has been conducted by a buyer's lawyer.
2 (also vee) A shape like that of a letter V: [in combination]: deep, V-shaped valleys
More example sentences
  • When they finally came, it was in their tens of thousands, in vees and columns of up to two hundred birds at a time.
  • I also love off the shoulder tops, or tops with a deep vee or wide neck.
  • I placed the centre front seam on the fold of the fabric and cut the vee to more of a curve.
2.1 [as modifier] Denoting an internal combustion engine with a number of cylinders arranged in two rows at an angle to each other in a V-shape: a V-engine a 32-valve V8 power plant
More example sentences
  • The bonnet may be the shortest seen on a Jaguar and shows just how compact a body the V-engine design can allow.
  • Externally, all V-engined Passats are differentiated from lesser models by their red-tinted tail lights.
  • Its supercharged V8 betters the Corvette's output by 100 horsepower.
3The Roman numeral for five.
Example sentences
  • By 1364 he was in Paris, working for Charles V.
  • Fifteen years after starring in Rocky V, Sylvester Stallone is reprising his role as the boxing champ in the sixth Rocky movie.
  • Chapter V lays down certain important provisions that are common to the right of residence and permanent residence.
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There are 3 main definitions of V in English:

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V 2 Syllabification: V




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1The chemical element vanadium.
3(In mathematical formulae) volume: pV = nRT
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There are 3 main definitions of V in English:

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V-1 3 Syllabification: V-1
Pronunciation: /ˌvēˈwən/


A small flying bomb powered by a simple jet engine, used by the Germans in World War II. Also called doodlebug.
Example sentences
  • When Churchill first learned about the V-1 he was so alarmed that he advocated using poison gas against Germany.
  • After the V-1 reached its target on automatic pilot, its engine cut out and it fell from the sky.
  • As a substitute for conventional bombing capability, the V-1 had a number of shortcomings.


Abbreviation of German Vergeltungswaffe 'reprisal weapon'.

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