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Syllabification: vin·tage
Pronunciation: /ˈvintij


  • 1The year or place in which wine, especially wine of high quality, was produced.
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    • However, in less than good vintages, Sauvignon Blanc from this area can be mean and lean.
    • In many vintages hardly any Beerenauslese wine is produced anywhere in Germany.
    • Unlike some of the best Bordeaux vintages, the wines are often bothered by a hint of earthy greenness, but in 2000 the grapes got ripe, retained acidity and exhibited supple tannins.
  • 1.1A wine of high quality made from the crop of a single identified district in a good year.
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    • But the brutish Hemingway will give him no quarter, downing the excellent vintage in a single gulp.
    • Kiwis have gone from drinking cask wine and sherry to learning to appreciate quality vintages, and that's a development he'll drink to any day.
    • Future studies will focus on mixtures, different vintages of the same wine, and regional variations in varietal wines.
  • 1.2 literary Wine.
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    • No, he hooked up his kid with wine, and I bet it was a pretty decent vintage too.
    • He took a sip of a particularly loathsome vintage, chewed on it for a few seconds and, just as he was about to spit, someone tapped him on the arm to ask him a question.
    • Remember how poor our wine was, unlike this glorious vintage.
  • 1.3The harvesting of grapes for winemaking.
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    • Our climate isn't insuperable, but it makes winemaking difficult in most vintages.
    • The designs on the shield of Achilles, in Book XVIII of the Iliad, contrast scenes of peace and harmonious governance, harvest and the vintage with scenes of war and battle.
    • In lesser vintages the grapes do not ripen as well as elsewhere but in warmer years the wines can be excellent value.
  • 1.4The grapes or wine produced in a particular season.
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    • Non-vintage blends change slightly from season to season as older vintages are replaced, which explains why this ripe, soft, velvety, blackcurranty Cabernet is gentler and creamier than previous batches.
    • Every Italian fan drools over the quality of the Tuscan and Piedmontese 1997 and 1999 vintages.
    • Blending two consecutive vintages is another common, modern wine-producing practice for cheaper wines, to ensure that the switch from one to the other is not too sudden.
  • 1.5The time that something of quality was produced: rifles of various sizes and vintages
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    • It betrays the vintage of Bartok's quartets no 3 and 4 showing much the same use of one permutating motive governing the total thematic discourse.
    • People of my vintage will instantly recognise this as most certainly not produced by any common typewriter in use in 1973.
    • We haven't seen Schumacher at his vintage best this year, but he hasn't performed badly either.
    period, era, epoch, time, origin; genre, style, kind, sort, type


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  • 1Of, relating to, or denoting wine of high quality: vintage claret
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    • The fine-wine merchant is the place to go if you want to buy and cellar great vintage wines.
    • Bottle shapes evolved so as to allow extended bottle ageing and thus were born vintage wines, and connoisseurship.
    • This is basically a vintage wine that has been aged in oak like a Tawny.
  • 1.1Denoting something of high quality, especially something from the past or characteristic of the best period of a person’s work: a vintage Sherlock Holmes adventure
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    • The vintage vehicles, representing one of the world's finest collections of military transport, were leaving the defunct museum, which closed down last year.
    • The convoy will be accompanied by a guard of honour of 25 vintage motorcycles and will receive a Garda escort throughout its route.
    • Three vintage motorcycles added a further exciting dimension for motor lovers to what was a truly enjoyable weekend.
    classic, ageless, timeless; old, antique, heritage, historic


late Middle English: alteration (influenced by vintner) of earlier vendage, from Old French vendange, from Latin vindemia (from vinum 'wine' + demere 'remove').

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