There are 2 main definitions of wan in English:


Syllabification: wan
Pronunciation: /wän


1(Of a person’s complexion or appearance) pale and giving the impression of illness or exhaustion: she was looking wan and bleary-eyed
More example sentences
  • Eli reminded me of an older Bob Dylan, his size and wan complexion and his face.
  • Judging from his wan appearance, however, it was clear that the show had taken its toll.
  • Outside, the once splendid Nevski Prospekt (St. Petersburg's O'Connell Street) is in need of a lick of paint and seems to be trying desperately to become European, but its people are grey and wan.
anemic, colorless, bloodless, waxen, chalky, pasty, peaked, sickly, washed out, drained, drawn, ghostly
1.1(Of light) pale; weak: the wan dawn light
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  • Eric Gautier photographed it, with frequent and unnecessary use of the wan light and monochromatic effects that are now high-fashion clichés of their own.
  • Instead, our wars exposed the limits of our capability and cast a wan light on many of our cherished illusions.
  • One need only stand in the aisle marked Produce to understand how the wan light obscuring the bruised fruit makes all of our decisions more difficult.
1.2(Of a smile) weak; strained.
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  • ‘No, I didn't know that,’ he says quietly, offering a wan smile.
  • My light-hearted offer to provide a dumpster was usually met with a wan smile.
  • In another image, two bored children gaze at the camera, the older one giving the camera a wan smile.
1.3 literary (Of the sea) without luster; dark and gloomy.


Old English wann 'dark, black', of unknown origin.



More example sentences
  • And although the resolution wanly concedes Senate complicity in mob murders, it does little to compensate victims of a racist terrorism that was culture-deep.
  • Una Vita was published in 1892, and wanly noticed; Senilità, published in 1898, sank into oblivion.
  • The mystic overtones of a suffering, bearded and often bare-chested man waving wanly to onlookers gazing up at him have also struck chords.


More example sentences
  • She maintains her wanness behind a cello, bowing away, all woebegone.
  • Then he took the perfumed linen sheet, wrapped it round him as a mantle, and turned away, to the wanness of the chill dawn.
  • Since that little cloud was dispelled all the temporary waste and wanness have vanished.

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There are 2 main definitions of wan in English:


Syllabification: WAN


Computing Wide area network.
[ 1980s: acronym]

Definition of wan in: